So today my day was going quite jolly and I ran into someone at work who I normally like in the copy room who started telling me all of the things that could go wrong with my running Boston.

Of course I am nervous, since I have never given birth before – to run a marathon 2 months later.
I don’t know what condition my body will be in. I just know I can do it. I will walk, I will crawl, I will hopefully run the majority of it (at least jog it). When people start questioning me though, I start freaking out!

My family has not asked me how I will do this or if I will be able to do this. There is no IF here. I appreciate this support and belief. Maybe I am partially unrealistic but I am determined enough that I’ll do everything in my power to cross the line. And so my thought for the day is, Mind your own damn business!!

On a positive note, I wonder if my child will come out wanting GU. Hmm.. what did you crave during your pregnancy? Um.. Vanilla Bean Gu?? This kid might be running(crawling?) Boston next to me!



  1. “I just know I can do it.” That says it all, and it all that matters. That, and we know you can too (and I at least am envious that you even WANT to!).

  2. Mama Simmons Reply

    I’ve been thinking about your Boston quest… I’m 9 days postpartum and about to go for a little jog here… my body is up for it. I think as long as you have a somewhat ‘normal’ delivery there should be no problem at all. 🙂

  3. I know you can do it. You have faith in yourself and in my opinion, thats important for crossing the finish line.

  4. I’m behind in blogs but I’m trying to catch up. :)Really, people don’t get it unless they’ve done it or wanted to do it. You will do it, you are being realistic about your situation, and everyone should be proud of you. In the end, everyone will be impressed (or jealous)!

  5. teacherwoman Reply

    Way to keep positive when others are looking down on your desires. I like to think that they are truly unhappy people that like to think that others should be as unhappy as them, thus bringing others down.

  6. I think you’ve been very aware of when you’re pushing your body too far this entire pregnancy. You’ll do it, and you’ll do it safely!

  7. Screw them. I HATE it when people that NEVER work out chime in about how stupid it is to run. Like, yeah it’s much better to sit on my ass and do nothing all day and die of a heart attack than maybe get an inflamed IT band. UGHHHHH!!!!Can you tell I am passionate about this?You do what you feel is right and safe and ignore everyone else.Maybe you can feed the kid GU when it’s a toddler. Tell him/her it’s pudding!

  8. You can totally do it. You’ve been preparing mentally and physically! It’s just a matter of time now. Don’t let those negative nancies bring you down. They just don’t get it. You gotta brush ’em off. Who knows you best? YOU DO!! You are so lucky to run Boston!!! How *are* you doing on your fundraising anyway?

  9. Don’t worry about what other people think…it’s all you girl – and I’m sure you can do it! No worries 🙂 Just the fact that you’re knocked up (I mean that in a good way) and RUNNING says alot about your character and that you can do what you set your mind to!As for cravings…I craved FRUIT of all things – thank GOD it wasn’t Doritos or I’d be in trouble. Ironically enough, my boy prefers veggies over fruit (so far, I mean we’re talking baby food here).

  10. Debbie Martin-Consani Reply

    She’s just jealous! I’m sick of people telling me what I cannot/shouldn’t do. The only people I would accept advice from would be my doctor and possibly (at a push) my husband. The rest deserve the two-fingered salute 🙂

  11. Wow that is awesome that she broke the record! Totally cool! I hope i can run that fast when i am 50.

  12. No matter what you do people are going to have something to say. You know your body better than anyone else and you listen to it. Like you said if you have to walk some you will. You have the right attitude, don’t let others who have no clue bring you down.

  13. I agree with d10. I swear you can never win (and don’t worry it only gets better once you birth the kid *rolls eyes*) EVERYONE always has an opinion on what you should and shouldn’t be doing. Let it all fall on deaf ears.

  14. I have no doubt you can do it as long as everything goes well(like no c section). You have to have faith and the nay sayers are usually haters. LOL at GU sometimes it looks like breast milk to me, hehehe!I craved breakfast taquitos super healty right?!

  15. TrainingtoTri Reply

    It will be tough, but I bet you can do it. If you are able to keep up running consistently up until the last few weeks (when I think it will just get too tough), then pick back up after taking the prescribed 3 weeks off. I think the key is just to run a little as many days as possible so your legs remember the feeling.

  16. Don’t let her bring you down. She’s just jealous, and you know it! You’ll rock the race and have a great time.

  17. Too bad people have to drag you down instead of offering support and encouragement. For crying out loud, you’re raising money for a good cause by running a marathon. It’s not like you’re testing on animals, or beating small children.I love your feisty attitude- that’s what will get you there. Keep going strong!!

  18. BeachRunner Reply

    Wow, looking at that pic you posted, I have to be honest and say you really have let yourself go, N-slice. P.S. Since when do you give that much of a s#it what everyone else thinks?

  19. I love your attitude, i’m with you… the last thing you need is any kind of negative energy coming your way. You’ll do awesome, and if you can find a way to post your charity on the blog… I’d be more then happy to help out.

  20. lol you always crack me up… you know you can do it, dont let those other people get in your head. i know its hard but just ignore them and keep up your determination!

  21. Having recovered from one childbirth before, I think you’re being plenty reasonable and it’s nice to see someone who doesn’t just roll over and expect the worst. As far as that naysayer, some people just can’t get over the medical model that childbirth is necessarily traumatic, rather than something we’re built for. It also seems like it offends people who had bad experiences when someone suggests that isn’t the rule. I remember one grouchy nurse at the hospital trying so hard to push pain meds on me post-delivery because she just knew I needed it.Now, life with a newborn and scheduling training around breastfeeding — that’s where it gets interesting 😉

  22. I LOVE THIS POST! way to be motivated and actually stand up for yourself! 🙂 you will do great, you just have to know you can do it. As long as you know you can do it, it will be done! and I love reading about your entertaing journey there!

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