Oh, transitions. My biggest transition right now is growing a little person. While it is the neatest thing, it is emotional and it is scary. Through it all, right now, I have running. Running has been interesting and sometimes difficult. I am not taking for granted that I can run, and hope to run until the end. This has been the biggest transition that I’ve dealt with that has affected my running. If I think about it, sometimes it is hard to think that it takes so much longer to do a distance that I could do much faster several months ago. I had a great spring of running, really lowering my times and PRing often. I hope that the next 3 months go well and my body allows me to run -I feel that it is one of the main consistent things in my life and that I really need it to be mentally stable! ENDORPHINS!

I am excited for the weekend! I am going to attempt to do a long run outside. The idea of doing the Phila marathon hasn’t been abandoned yet!

Good luck racers this weekend!



  1. Dont worry everyone has rough weeks pregnant or not. Your super strong and you work so hard. I think you should give yourself a pat on the back for dealing with obnixous kids all day. I would not have the patience or tolerance. Dont get me wrong, i love kids but more than 10 is too flipping many! I cant imigine not having running in my life. I forgot how important it was to me and how it made me feel. It truly is something special and i’m glad we all agree and know what one another is talking about! Enjoy your weekend… i know i will!

  2. Catching up again 🙂 I’m excited to read about your transition and experiences!

  3. Mama Simmons Reply

    Here’s some hope… I think you’re going to be very pleasantly surprised at how great you’ll feel after you give birth! 10 days after delivery… I swam hard today with an old training partner of mine and have 100% of my swim fitness back! I was shocked at how fast we were swimming. And I ran another 2 miles today and wasn’t so afraid to get my heart rate up…again, surprising myself at how good it all felt. Seriously, if you can keep up even some running (no worries about the speed *at all*- just running) you’re going to bounce back faster than ever! 🙂

  4. Mama Simmons Reply

    Oh, and one more thing… when you’re done working out you get to come home to this sweet little baby and that will just melt your heart. All is right in the world on days like that! 🙂

  5. Sujin & Julianne Reply

    Talk about a HUGE transition. I love how you’re proving so many common beliefs about running and pregnancy WRONG. Yes, you can be pregnant and still RUN. You’re so awesome. If you can, I can, too! (Well, one day, anyway. 🙂

  6. I don’t think its just hormones – I’ve been grumpy and snippy this week too! I honestly love reading about the ups and downs of your pregnancy and running. I think you are doing amazing! You have the biggest transition of all!

  7. i’ve been much meaner than usual this year too…especially this week! same reason…the spoiled brats (i love most of them though!) want A’s now, but they didn’t give a rat’s ass throughout the past 9 weeks!

  8. teacherwoman Reply

    Yeah, it’s a crazy time of year.. especially at quarter ends. Our elementary school switched over to trimesters this year so we do have grades or conferences due until the week of Thanksgiving! I can’t really give you any advice about pregnancy. I agree with Nicole. Everyone has rough weeks. Sometimes they turn into rough months. You have a lot on your plate, just take it one day at a time!

  9. That’s a big transition! I’m sure things are a little tougher now with everything going on, but we all know it’ll get better. I’m sure running helps, so don’t listen to fat co-workers who are nothing but jealous that you’re prego and can still do something they can’t… run your own race, if it means on the roads or in life.

  10. hey girl, bite those kids heads off. I will send you mine if you are still looking for more :-)I remember being depressed sort of during pregnancy so on the attack is much more fun. I am glad you have had running to keep those endorphins going through this journey. I know your times will right back to where you were once you welcome the bundle of joy to this world, the newest lil runner! Have a very nice weekend!

  11. The fact that you’re still getting out there and doing it is an accomplishment to be admired.

  12. LMAO at Viv. True dat. Better to be on the giving end than the receiving 😛

  13. BeachRunner Reply

    Transitions be damned, just keep on rocking homeslice. 🙂

  14. I think you may be going through life’s greatest transition of all right now. Scary and wonderful all at once.I have no doubt you will be a stronger, faster runner after you have your baby. Hang in there, you’re doing so great!I hope to see you at the marathon!

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