I think I’m going to have to start getting up early to get my endorphins again. I am just way too moody to go through the day and try to inspire kids! I don’t have enough patience and am too uptight. It is kind of sad that I need some workout energy to feel good! I might start doing morning workouts again, I just like sleeping in a bit! But I’ll have to get back on that routine in the spring anyway, so we’ll see! Maybe its just a case of the Mondays.. but everyday. 🙂

Pics of week 25

week 24 stats 
Monday – yoga
Tuesday – 6.92 (1:15/10:51) and .2 miles (12:30 pace)
Wednesday – 4 miles (10:07/40:26), swim 2000 yds
Thursday – 3 (32:00/10:40) – am, 3 (30:05/10:02)-pm, 3 (30:26, 10:09)-pm
Friday – lift 30 min
Sat – 16 miles outside – rainy, 60s, with the sis (3:11:02/11:57)
Sun – recovery 4.15 (45:00/10:51)

Total 40.3 miles ran, 2000 yds swam, 1 lift session & yoga oncebetter close up pic:



  1. are you sure there is a baby in there?? you are still soo tiny!! you are doing awesome girlie!!

  2. Look at that week, just fantabulous! Seriously, you are such an amazing inspiration to those future Mommies out there. Still looking cutie patutie!

  3. Wow, you look amazing. Great week in running too. I know I’ve overused the words before but I’ll just throw them out there in a list: inspiring, incredible, awesome, etc.. 🙂

  4. When are you going to start looking pregnant with a shirt on? lol!!! i agree morning workouts are better and make me less moody too!

  5. 🙂 Your still lookin good!!! I can’t believe how high your mileage is! Awesome job!

  6. cute! he/she is growing! but looks like you’ll have it easy in terms of not having a big belly…nice huh?? keep up all the running…it keeps away a lot of aches and pains too! do you still feel pretty normal?

  7. LOL, your Week 25 belly looks like my normal, everyday just ate a slice of pizza and drank a beer belly.At least it’s getting lighter out in the mornings. You could totally start doing it again.

  8. Yeah, I’m with Aron! You barely look prego!! And high-five for an awesome running week. I’m kinda amazed that you ran as much as you did!

  9. Shoe Running Reply

    Way to keep up the running! It is fun to compare the pictures over time. You can just barely tell now…but I would totally believe that you weren’t pregnant too 🙂

  10. I can’t believe how tiny you are! You don’t even look pregnant with that pink shirt. 40 weeks will be here before you know it. :o)

  11. It’s so funny to think there’s a baby in there. I’m enjoying watching your progress!

  12. Serenity Now Reply

    you’re kidding me right? you’re 25 weeks and you barely have a lump…I looked like I was carrying a volkswagon by then! Damn girl, you’re gonna pop that kid out no problem! hehehe

  13. You look great! If/when I ever get pregnant, I hope I can take after you.

  14. Unbelievable!! Both on how many miles (plus swimming and yoga) that you are able to get done, and that you don’t even look pregnant with your shirt on.You should see the girl here at work that’s due with twins the first week of Feb. She looks like she has you in her belly (and she’s miserable). So count your blessings. = )

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