3 months and counting… thought I would spare you a real belly pic 🙂

Today I wanted to run 8 to 12 miles. So far I’ve tried running 3 times and had various side stitches each time. I got in 3 miles. I’m determined to get at least another 5, but I’m majorly frustrated. Had I gotten up before I ate breakfast I probably could have done it, but I feel like my stomach is playing games with me this week!!! It is disheartening and I wish I got out of bed when I woke up. I had a bowl farina for breakfast, and I guess I never had that and then went to run before. I hate farina right now!! Stick with what you know!

This week as a whole can be deemed a rest week. I had to cut a lot of workouts short and didn’t get in close to the mileage that I hoped. I guess with the marathon walk/jog coming up next weekend, I can say that I’m tapering, but with the horrible workouts this week, I am more doubtful everyday that I can even finish 1/2 next weekend. Nevertheless I will still line up at the start and see what my body wants to do that day.

3 months to go! I’m excited to meet the baby and then to be able to torture my body without having to worry about hurting the baby in anyway. So come out early little baby!!

What foods give you the stomach ebbie geebees??

Last week’s stats (week 25)
Monday – yoga
Tuesday – 8 miles (around 10 minute pace)
Wednesday – swim 1700 yards
Thursday – 3.9 miles (11:20 pace)
Friday – morning 6.1 miles (10:10 pace)
Sat – 4 miles am (11:22 pace)
Sun – 3 miles (12:00 pace) then got through 5 more, the last 4.5 at 9:58 mm!! A little relief

30 miles and 1700 yards, 1 hr yoga



  1. Shoe Running Reply

    dim sum totally gives my belly the ebbie geebees! I want to like it, I really do…but its all slimy and … ug! Sorry your running is taking a backseat to belly anger! I hope you get your 5 more miles in today! 🙂 Just give yourself a little time to digest, and I bet you’ll be up for it!You are starting to actually look pregnant in that pic! 🙂

  2. Frayed Laces Reply

    Ooh look at you and your cute baby belly! One hot mama! I am still amazed that you keep trucking along with your running.

  3. My husband cooks giant meals on Saturday, and he made not one, but TWO cream-based pastas for dinner. This morning’s run: stomach lock! Guess what they say is try about heavy meat and cream the night befor a run. Good luck with your race next week. Keep listening to your body. Those 3 months will fly by.

  4. 25 miles is still good! Don’t lose faith I am sure you will feel better this week!

  5. You are looking good. Wow, just 3 more months! The time is going to fly. I am sure you are going to finish next week because you are determined and smart about where you are. Your plan on walking and running will get you across the finish.

  6. What an exciting time! Enjoy the next 3 months and rest when you can girl…I am sure you will pull off the 1/2.

  7. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    I came across your blog through Michelle Simmons blog. I have an 8 week old and ran through my entire pregnancy but found that my stomach was much sensitive to what I ate than pre-pregnancy. The good news is that it returned to normal after the pregnancy! Enjoy the sleep you can get in the last 3 months.

  8. you are really soooo awesome!!! you are so determined and keep getting those miles in. i hope next week everything cooperates for you! i know how bad you want it 🙂 wont be long.. 3 months will be here quick!

  9. teacherwoman Reply

    Wahoo! I see you were able to get out and get another 5 miles in at a speedy pace! Nice work!3 months left, that’s it? I am sure it is going to go very fast and before you know it that little one will be in your arms!

  10. still lookin good! 25 miles is awesome! i’m glad i ran the distance last week in good company… well you know what i mean! 🙂 have a good week!

  11. You are looking good lady. And you still managed to run more than me this week!! Ha!No matter what happens next Sunday, I hope you have a great run and feel fantastic!

  12. Debbie Martin-Consani Reply

    Relax, kiddo. You’re being really hard on yourself. Most gals sit with their feet up when they’re pregnant. You’re doing amazing. Keep going if you’re enjoying it. If not, call it a day. I hate to tell you, but it gets worse from here on in. I’m 31 weeks and contemplating hanging up my trainers. Hopefully I’ve got another few weeks in me yet though. There’s a 5K Santa race I’d love to do at the beginning of December.

  13. i’m pretty impressed that you haven’t decided, “Oh I’m pregnant so I’m going to sit my ass on the couch and eat what I want and then take a nap.” Good for you for keeping up with it. It may be a bit harder or come in second place but you’ve stuck with it and didn’t sit on the couch in a pair of sweatpants and give up.Looks like a great upcomming week.

  14. LOL not too early though! I swear they never come out when you want them too. With my first, she came 2 weeks early (I was in denial that I was in labor. I really didn’t want her to come out) The second, came on her due date. I wanted her out sooo damn bad. But yeah, nope.

  15. BeachRunner Reply

    Looking good, N-Slicey. Nothing seems to stop you. Way to keep on running.

  16. Three months and your due! You are SO LITTLE! 🙂 Good luck with your race, you’ll rock it, and those 3 months will be done before you know it!

  17. You are so cute! The baby will be here before you know it.Sushi makes me *shudder*. I know people live for the stuff but it makes me gag.

  18. Wow great week. Way to get in some awesome yoga and swim sessions and let your legs rest. Great pic too, you look amazing.I actually have sort of an iron stomach and dont’ get queasy too often. That said, my body is starting to reject mass quantities of greasy food. I’m pretty glad about that though. 🙂

  19. Just popped over from another blog to wish you luck for Sunday. Also congratulations on the baby-to-be. Cute belly. 🙂

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