I’m not focusing on Sunday in any way, but it is in the back of my mind. I have a doc appt tomorrow which could affect my participation, but only if something is not right or not going well so hopefully everything is fine!

I’m totally unprepared!

Shoes: I need new shoes and I never ordered them and keep dragging my feet to go check out the running store. I’m not sure if my extra load here requires me to get more supportive sneakers. I think my alternative pair was causing problems with the shin splints! My main pair though is nearing 300 and my feet just hurt when I’m done running in them. I usually order online so too late for that, but maybe I’ll hit the running store before the weekend.

Support: I don’t want to make anyone come and watch me because my performance is up in the air. I may run 2 miles, I may make it through the whole thing. All depends on my body and what the baby’s plans are! My cousin lives in Philly though and will be there so she’ll come run / walk/ jog with me. It could take forever, or I could be done in 30 minutes. I have a feeling if all goes well at the doctor that I’ll just finish out the half unless I’m having major issues. I’ll just walk if I have to. They said if you finish a lesser distance not to take a medal, but I will somehow. I’ll get 2 🙂

Cold Weather: It is FREEZING here. Not knowing how much walking I will be doing, I am dressing in so many layers to make sure I’m superwarm – kind of like when you get dressed to go sledding and can hardly walk, but I’ll make sure I”m comfy. I’ll have my super duper Nike hatphones hat on!

Good luck to all of the bloggers running on Sunday especially Laurel who is making her debut in Philly after moving here from lots warmer temperatures. She’ll be running with her husband which is really cute!!

This week so far, I had a really good swim this morning and was able to do some faster swimming, and I ran/jogged 5.5 yesterday in the am and then 2 in the evening. I’m switching back to morning workouts for now, because my motivation to workout in the afternoon with this cold weather and darkness is not so high!

Well, good luck to everyone!!



  1. go get yourself some new shoes!! i take any excuse to get me to the running store 🙂 good luck at the dr appt and this weekend!!! hope everything goes well and you feel fantastic!

  2. BeachRunner Reply

    Good luck with everything N-slice, including finding those new kicks.

  3. Hope the Dr’s appointment goes well… I hope you are feeling great and do great this weekend!! You will do great so little people can sa they have run a marathon and even less with a littlest runner inside. You rock!

  4. GOOD LUCK CHICA!! Hope that Dr’s appointment goes well and you’re feeling awesome for Sunday!

  5. no shame in just doing the half! i’ve pretty much given up…if i run again at all this pregnancy it’ll be the turkey trot, with no preparation. of course, i might give birth before then…!! but unlikely.

  6. Geesh, running AND pregnant!? I can’t imagine!! Being pregnant, that is! Good luck on Sunday. Looking forward to hear what you were able to accomplish. I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog…what race did you qualify for Boston in?

  7. I bet the new shoes will help alot! Good luck at the doctors! Hope the report is good.

  8. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    Good luck. I stuck with the same brand of shoe throughout my pregnancy. Thought of getting some that were more supportive but didn’t switch and didn’t run into any problems.You asked on my blog if 8 weeks flew by. It’s been both the longest and shortest time period of my life. The monotony of the days can get to you but it’s amazing how quickly they grow.

  9. Chic Runner Reply

    Good luck with the new shoes, and this weekend, and with the dr! You have so much going on, but you will do great, you are so motivated and dedicated.

  10. teacherwoman Reply

    Good luck this weekend. I am having good vibes sent your way! 🙂

  11. Good luck this weekend. I am going out of town, otherwise we would all be there to cheer you on! I ran/walked through my first pregnancy every morning…not so much my second, you are making me envious! I am proud of you!

  12. Hi there, I followed your link from denise’s blog, as I am running Philly as well. and I have to say, you are amazing, pregnant and still training. Are you running Philly this weekend? And Boston a few months after, this is sooo inspiring to so many women!

  13. First off I’m a bit upsed you went to the ND game and didn’t post any pictures of it.Now, I’m so impressed with you that you’re getting ready for this race. Hope you’re able to find new shoes and can get at least one good long run in them. You’re going to do awesome! And plase next time how about some Irish pictures.

  14. Aw, thanks!! I feel special.I’m keeping my fingers crossed for your Drs appt. I know you will at least be able to do the half. When you get out there in that race atmosphere I have a feeling you will suddenly be healed. 🙂

  15. Good luck this weekend ND!!! Seriously, no matter how you do, we are ALL VERY PROUD OF YOU!!!!! But I’m sure you’re going to do great!!!

  16. Found your blog through Laurel! I am running Philly on Sun! Wanted to say good luck. It has been cold around here lately! Good luck with the shoe, dr, running! Now… you’re not a notre dame fan are you? (I went to boston college) : ) Good luck in however far you run!! Its a good story for the baby!

  17. I hope your drs appointment goes well today. I hear you with the cold. Make sure you dress in layers, especially since your pace may vary.Make sure you treat yourself to a nice new pair of shoes. Great job on the swim and run too.

  18. Go get some new shoes girl! I cant wait to hear about the doctors apt and i’m praying everything goes smoothly for you this weekend!!

  19. Debbie Martin-Consani Reply

    Hope all goes well. I think you’re amazing for even contemplating it. Can’t wait to hear all about it.Good luck.

  20. Good luck at the doctor and good luck to you for the race. You are going to do great.

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