Race report:Philly marathon — first 1/2
Well, the day started off fine. I got up before 6 and had some breakfast and was picked up at 6:15 to head to Philly. I stood in line for the port-a-pottys and then made my way to the start. I should have planned on a bit more time between eating & the start, and more free time before the start, but I didn’t!

The start was in waves and I could hardly make it up to my corral. I made it there but we waited for about 1/2 hour to start. Standing in the corral, I felt good. I didn’t feel pregnant and I thought it was going to be a good day. Finally, we were able to start! Me and my many layers were warm and ready! About 2 minutes into the race, so this is by Four Seasons and the fountain, I had a HORRIBLE side stitch. I had to stop and walk, it was debilitating.

This was the theme for the rest of the race. I don’t think that I ran for more than 2 minutes at a time. I was in good spirits and having a good time out there, and there were alot of walkers. I took lots of pictures. My parents saw me around mile 5 and walked with me for about 10 minutes and I just kept on going. I was going to wait to decide how far I would go until the 1/2 way point.
I made a deal with myself that if I had these side stitc
hes (both sides of my stomach took turns and there was never a time that I was pain free) that I would not bother continuing to the second half. But if there was any chance that I could run, that I would trudge on. Also, around mile 8 I just thought maybe I could walk the whole thing and be fine.

Around mile 11 is when I decided that I would call it a day after 13.1 It was disappointing, but when I did the calculations, I’d be out there for over 6 hours, and my side stitches were relentless. It did not even feel good walking. Overall, I stayed in high spirits, but I am a bit disappointed that I couldn’t run at all, and really, that I didn’t finish 26.2. I definitely could have done it, but it just wasn’t the same walking it. I wanted to give the baby a medal 🙁 I feel like I listened to my body and that was what I was supposed to do – but I wish that I could have ignored my body and keep on trucking!! Surely I would have done that if a baby was not on board. But I probably wouldn’t have these side cramps everywhere if I was running sans child.

On the live results, it says I finished 3:15:15 and it is confused because it thinks I finished the marathon, with a super pace of 7:26. BQ! BQ! BQ! Nope, that’s how long it took me to finish the half – so times that by 2 and it would have taken me 6:30 or longer to do the full. I’m kind of glad I didn’t do it so that that time isn’t on my record!! But deep down I’m a bit bummed. 🙁

I looked up Laurel and she did great! Congrats to everyone else out there and I hope it was a great day!



  1. I know it stinks to not be able to finish the marathon but you did great! 13.1 miles while pregnant!!! You are a amazing!!

  2. BeachRunner Reply

    You did great. And listening to you body is what you had to do. Just getting out there, let alone going 13.1 is extraordinary. Congrats. This will be a great story, a life lesson, and a special memory to share with Baby ND. Well done Slice.

  3. Awww, thanks! I’m glad you got out there and enjoyed the day. I kept looking for you, but it was during the second half.I know you wish you would have finished the full but trust me, it got hilly afterwards and walking for over 6 hours would have been torture.You did your best under the circumstances. Besides, we all know it’s the baby’s fault anyway LOL!You’re a strong runner. I see a ton of PRs for you in the next year. I actually have a prospective race for you maybe in July. J and I are thinking of doing a relay and we need to find a couple of runners for your team. I’ll email you about it if you’re interested.Great job today!! You and that baby are my heros! 🙂

  4. I think you did a wonderful job. Just to be out there ready to run while pregnant is amazing! Be proud of yourself.

  5. Holy shiz! YOu did AWESOME!! ;D ;D I cannot even imagine running mroe than 1 mile pregnant! You rock chica!! CONGRATS!

  6. Congrats on pushing through and finishing the half! I know it was a tough haul, but very cool on sticking with it.I’m sorry I missed you out there – I was out for most of the morning, but must have missed you on the first half.Looking forward to catching up next weekend!

  7. Progman2000 Reply

    Sorry about the side stitches – I never get them in training and almost always get them when racing – amazingly I didn’t today, you must have gotten mine 🙂

  8. congrats!!!!! you are so awesome and inspiring!! way to finish out the race and enjoy it all even though you werent feeling great. you should be SO proud 🙂

  9. Congrats! You rock. . . i can hardly finish a half not pregnant and i’m not sure how i’ll ever finish a marathon! Even though you only ran the half, you still did really great! Be proud and give your baby your half mary medal 🙂

  10. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    Way to listen to your body. You did the smart thing and it sounds like you had a good time. I always got terrible stomach/intestinal pains when I ran during pregnancy and they haven’t appeared at all in my runs since the little guy was born.You asked about measuring a week ahead. NO – it doesn’t mean you are fat. It is good news. It means either your baby is big (which has nothing to do with your size) or they didn’t predict your delivery date correctly.

  11. Mama Simmons Reply

    Congrats! I know it sucks sometimes when our bodies are not able to physically do what our minds want them to do… we’ve all been there! The good news for you is that this is a temporary condition for you and soon you’ll be back full force with a huge amount of appreciation for your abilities! :)Even though you wanted to go further, 13.1 miles is a long way! You did great… and smart to listen to what your body was telling you. Nice job.

  12. The half is still a great accomplishment for your tiny pregnant self! Congrats!

  13. i was happy to trudge through a 10k at 27 weeks…you did more than double that! nice job, and the BQ story will be a funny one to tell the kid alter on! also, about measuring ahead, i’ve been measuring behind just because of how she’s positioned…yet u/s shows she’s like 65-70th% size wise. it’s not exact either way…

  14. Shoe Running Reply

    I think you’ve got to give yourself a break when your body just isn’t up for something. It’s still a bummer, but you can always make it up to yourself next time! 🙂

  15. ND, you did GREAT! I’m sorry you had such a horrible side stitch! But good judgment call on stopping at 13.1. I am SO proud of your BQ’ing time. 😉

  16. Wow you are amazing for completing the 1/2, I think a lot of people would have ducked out!!! Thats funny about the BQ and a 7:26 pace! Yo go girl! I saw your doing Boston with Dana Faber!! That awesome, and something to look forward to! I have a couple friends running for them. I am an oncology nurse so it touches real close to home!! Good luck with your baby and running!

  17. Chic Runner Reply

    Seriously, just to be out there you are AMAZING! way to finish no matter what. Your little baby will have one strong mama!

  18. Congratulations for having the strength to make the right choice for your body. You still did awesome on making it to the 1/2 when you side stiches were screaming at you.

  19. Debbie Martin-Consani Reply

    You’re still my hero. I moan if I have to drive 26 miles, nevermind contemplate running it. A half marathon at 27 weeks is amazing. I hope you got two medals 🙂

  20. I’m sorry…I’m sure that’s disappointing. But you did the right thing by listening to your body. It was too cold to spend 6 hours out there anyway!

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