First just wanted to say thanks for all of the support!!! It has been super helpful to hear the nice things that you have to say and your encouragement!

How do you run? I would love to hear about your running gait. Do you think about your positioning when you are running? Do you know if you pronate, supinate, any of that good stuff?
What are some things that you focus on when you are running?

So far, I’ve just gone out there and ran. I don’t really think about it. After seeing some pictures from the Philly Distance Run and my feet are all over the place, and checking out my sneakers, I realized my form was a bit off. I did get new sneakers last week, and the running store told me that I totally overpronate!

I went with a pair of Nikes. I walked in these on Sunday and ran in them yesterday and Monday. Mid run yesterday I started to get pain on the bottom of my foot on the outside part. I ran through it but by the end I was trying to run on the balls of my feet. Then had to partially limp to my car and stuck it in a bucket of ice ( I was thinking of aron at this time with her ice buckets). It was feeling ok after 2 ice jobs but I wasn’t wearing shoes. As soon as I put shoes on this morning to go to work (my middle aged sneakers) the pain was there. I was thinking maybe it is the Nikes and I’ll try running later, but I’m not sure what is going on there! When I was running on the balls of my feet, my knees started to feel pressure, so that is probably not a good way to run. But how do you run? What do you think about if you are working on your form?




  1. I didn’t realize you’re a DFMC runner! I did DFMC the last 2 years; taking this year off. Thanks for all of your support this week. It’s meant a lot.Good luck with the foot.

  2. When i run on the treadmill, i stare in the window at myself becuase i can see my reflection. I try really hard to work on my form on there, but outside, its a lost cause. I think i have wings when i swing my amrs.. they go across my body and they shouldnt. I should prolly work on that! Have an amazing holiday!!!

  3. Progman2000 Reply

    I’m a moderate over pronator. My bigger problem is I’m tall, so I have to concentrate on not leaning, focusing on my center of gravity, do a lot of core strengthening, etc. Since I run alot in the early AM I wear a headlamp. I can tell during the longer runs when the light in front of me starts to shine closer and closer that my form is off – that has been a help!

  4. I think I have ok form except I tend to hunch forward. Especially when I am tired. It looks awful in pictures (and honestly isn’t it all about the pictures? JK)Happy Thanksgiving!!

  5. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    I generally have pretty good form and don’t think about it much when outside but focus on it while on the treadmill like someone else said. The only time I think about my form outside is when I get tired and I use tricks to try and motivate myself like focusing on my arms and thinking “Where the arms go the legs will follow” and I pump my arms a little harder or I think of my legs as being like pistons and imagine them pumping up and down.

  6. Oh too bad about the pain in your foot – I hope it gets better. I know that my friend had some trouble with Nike’s because they are very narrow but not sure about the pain in the bottom of the foot.When I run my left elbow tends to stick out like a chicken wing – my coach is trying to fix it but its hard! I am not sure if I over pronate or what! I am going to the running store Friday Maybe i will try to find out!Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. I think I mildly over-pronate, so I wear Power Step insoles. It helps a ton. I hope you like your Nikes! I always think they look so cute, but the toe box is too narrow for me and my toes fall asleep. Same thing happens to a few of my friends!Have a great holiday!

  8. Y’know, the forefoot running is all the rage ( these days, so you could accidentally be on to something ;)I’m obsessed with form because mine sucks. I used to overpronate terribly from my ballet turn-out and had to wear heavy supportive shoes. But finally, after my first pregnancy my hips got back to a more normal alignment and I finally got to start wearing a neutral shoe — weird, huh?

  9. I had my gait analyzed at a store once and I slightly overpronate and they suggested I change my shoes.Since I changed them I haven’t gotten any of the knee problems I had the first year I was running long distance. So I guess it really does matter.I’ve been trying to keep better tabs on the way I run the past few months, but it’s hard when I get tired.Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  10. Man, finding the right shoes is a pain! At least your new Nike’s seem to be telling you that they may not be the right ones after just one run, not like my New Balance that took two months to destroy my foot. As far as form goes, I try an concentrate on running as level as possible (not bouncing up and down) and on keeping my foot strike as quiet as possible. I’ve been told that these two things will make my running as impact free as possible, but I’ve been bouncing from one injury to another in my first year of running so what do “they” know? Good luck with the shoes – I hope that they work out for you or that you are able to find a pair that works soon.

  11. RunningLaur Reply

    I had foot and knee problems all through college and thought that running, or any other semi-impact sport, could never be an option. However, I realized that I had always been in cross training shoes, and that actually having “running shoes for running” might help. I went to my little local running store. They did a quick analysis of how I walk, how I run, and was set up with a pair that have literally changed my life. I haven’t worn a knee brace since getting them, and am at my highest mileages ever. So my advice: Get analyzed for the right shoes. Only wear them when you run. If they don’t turn out to be perfect and amazing – most stores will take them back after some considerable wear, just to be able to keep you as a customer. I’ve also had a bad history of injuries with Nike shoes, but everyone’s different. Best of luck!

  12. I run on the outside of my feet and very much on my toes. I try to run more heel-toe, but it just required too much energy. I go through shoes pretty quick, but I’ve thankfully avoided injury.Happy thanksgiving!

  13. Girl on Top Reply

    If I remember correctly, my right foot is fine, but I overpronate on my left foot. I definitely try to watch my gait and make sure that I strike midfoot and carry through.

  14. I’ve never really paid attention to how I run. I just know that I try to stay very relaxed and let my upper body move on it’s own. Seems to work…

  15. Database Diva Reply

    I prontate somewhat and have flat feet, which makes me a good candidate for plantar fasciitis. I have it under control right now. The wear pattern on my shoes is also along the outside. Did someone watch you run before they said you supinate? I’ve had my gait analyzed a few times, and gotten different results. I felt really good about the last guy because he paid attention to the way I stand as well as the way I run, especially the alignment of my knees over my ankles. You might want to try a different store, or at least a different salesperson. I love Nike shoes, but they make my feet hurt, too. I had to quit wearing them. Now I only wear Brooks.

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