I spent the holiday up in Connecticut. We came back yesterday afternoon, and I was able to meet up with one of my best friends. Usually we meet up and go for a run, but I wasn’t going to put her through that! We met up at Barnes & Noble and chatted. My 30th b’day is less than a month away so we were getting some ideas for that.

Today I went to return my Nike shoes, and was happy that they took them back even though I wore them outside. I bought a pair of Asics that seem to have extra support and that should help me get through the next 2.5 months with cushioning. It was a different employee and she didn’t seem too thrilled that I was returning shoes that were already worn. She helped me to find a new pair and her take was that I supinate majorly – just from looking at my shoes. Sounds like there are better stores out there that watch you run and look at your shoes. If these shoes don’t work out for me, I’ll be looking for another running store next. I ran about 5 miles in them and they seemed good, but we’ll see! My legs are pretty tired, and I think I have some sciatica going on down my right leg, so I can see this week being a bit of a slowdown. I’m semi looking forward to yoga tomorrow, but I should probably find a pre-natal class to start going to so that I don’t overextend myself.

Summary of week 27: Running/ Walking/Jogging 34.6 miles (6:18:40),
2 days of lifting and 1 day of crosstraining on the elliptical.
November running : 155.5 miles (28:52:37)

Hope everyone’s travels home were safe and that thanksgiving was good!



  1. I hope the new shoes work out for you. I am so going through the shoe drama. I hope the yoga tomorrow helps the legs and try to help release some pressure on that sciatica.

  2. I love new shoes. Those look pretty snazzy, btw. Good luck finding a pre-natal yoga class! 🙂

  3. Mama Simmons Reply

    Wow! 155 miles of running in Nov? That’s awesome! I’ve been thinking about you and your Boston quest 2009… and I’m totally 100% convinced that you can do it, given of course, a normal delivery (i.e. no c/s or other complications). I’m 5 weeks out now and ran 25 miles this week and feel fine. Slow, but fine. And I didn’t run after about 24 weeks preg. The key may be to focus on strengthening your abs back up ASAP after delivery to prevent injury. I think that has really helped me. 🙂

  4. I love my Asic’s! I had Nike’s before, and I found them to be too bulky. I am never going back.

  5. I got tested at a store in Miami that videotaped me and watched it. It only look like 5 minutes. They put me in my Asics and I haven’t had any leg problems since (knock on wood).Ouch on the sciatica! I had that last year and it sucked! I heard preggos are prone to it. Ha, preggos and runners. You are so screwed. 😉

  6. I’ve heard really good things about asics. I think once I am sick of my Brooks those will be the ones I try.Hope they work out for you.

  7. Those are snazzy! And don’t feel bad about returning worn shoes; I returned a pair I wore in a half-marathon because they made my feet explode and the store took them back without a word.

  8. That’s great that they took the shoes back! Even though they may have given you the wrong advice, at least that is a check in the plus column for that store. Good luck with the new shoes, and more importantly I hope your sciatica gets better soon.

  9. Wow!! 155 miles for November great job! That is such a great accomplishment especially with being pregnant! I am so glad that you got new shoes! I hope that these ones help your running!

  10. Way cute shoes. Hopefully these are Cinderella perfect for you.

  11. I’m surprised they gave you a little shiz about returning them? Aren’t most running store accommodating with that? Geez!

  12. Shoes are so important…make sure you go to a running store that watches you run, looks at your old shoes, etc. I suffered from stress fractures once from being sold the wrong pair of shoes.

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