Sunday nights I always get in a blah mood. I think I really enjoy the weekends, sleeping in and not running around like a maniac and getting nothing exciting done like the weekdays where it is just lesson plans and working out. I always find myself partially sad as the day goes on on Sundays. Also I keep reading these childbirth books, mostly to educate myself and it is freaking me out. I don’t think that I can read them anymore. I just want a baby to hold, take care of, play with, and mold! I don’t want to go through the next 2 months!!

Bill had a big test all day on Saturday. He gets results the end of Jan, hopefully good, but the passing rate is very low, so we’ll see! He’s been studying really hard so I hope it goes well. While he was gone, I got out all the christmas decor, made some cookie dough to be rolled out, cleaned the house, and picked up all the modeling clay in the tri county area (driving store to store to get this stuff!) for a geometry project my kids are working on this week. I also did some running and went to the brand new Y where my parents belong and got to swim! Beautiful pool! I want to go back there to swim. It was great! I fit in food shopping, addressed christmas cards and was P-O-O-P-E-D. Today slept in and vegged out. Never left the house today. I was thinking I didn’t feel like running but when I started, I was hooked. My mom came over to help put up the border in the baby’s room and it looks nice!I really like the theme.

The mofo quilt was hanging above now thrown into the crib

Winnie the Pooh!! My mom is really creative with this stuff.
Fun stickers on the wall

I ended up getting back on the treadmill after an afternoon session this evening to get to my 30 miles for the week. Earlier in the day I was ok with not getting there, but later on I was in my blah mood and needed to find something to do to get my mind off it, and what else to help but to run! Running this weekend has been good! I’m looking forward to the BOOTIE BUSTER CHALLENGE for extra motivation that doesn’t have to do with weight loss.

Congrats to FL, Aron and Julianne for their hard work and PRs at their marathons this weekend! I was so anxious to hear how they all did and each one of them did fantastic!!! Way to go LADIES!

week 28 summary
Monday: yoga class (not power – not sore) + 15 minutes elliptical
Tuesday: 15 elliptical + 6 miles split (12:00 and 10:52 pace)
Wednesday: Swim 2800 yards (55 min), Wii Fit 30 min
Thursday: Swim 3000 yds (1 hr), walk 2.19 miles (30 min)
Friday: Run 7 miles total – all split up (12:40/10:12/12:24/9:41 paces)
Saturday: Swim 1650 yards (30 min), Run 6.2 miles split up (10:12 pace) *good running
Sunday: Run 8.6 miles split up (10:08/10:33 paces) * good running

30 miles, 7450 yards swimming, 30 minutes cross training, 1.5 hours strengthening
Running = Jogging + walking, with some running thrown in
Swimming = All strokes, mostly free, back, breast
Cross training = elliptical
Strength = Wii Fit + yoga

Have a great week!

18 days till christmas!


  1. Great job on fitting in the 30 miles! Look at you! You’re STILL running more mileage than my non-preggo butt. You’re seriously my hero. I don’t know how you have all that energy while your pregnant.The nursery looks great! I love pooh!

  2. LOL, I just noticed that your baby ticker is not the normal “baby” ticker with a stork or a baby in a blanket, but a RUNNER! Hahah…I LOVE it!

  3. I totally understand the frustration, but I still think you’re doing great. I’m sorry that we can’t run (or ‘run’) together for the next couple months. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for an early birthday 🙂

  4. Wow 30 miles is great! Your nusery looks really nice and cosy. Being a teacher, I know what you mean about Mondays!! Love to teach, but also love the weekend!

  5. That is some great mileage you fit in!I am all getting baby fever over here….The room looks just precious! The best though is the mofo quilt, LMAO!

  6. 18 days till Christmas!!!! oh goodness! It is definitely coming fast! The babies room looks so cute!! I feel the same way about Sundays – now I can’t just veg out I have to do homework : (

  7. What an adorable nursery! Great work on kicking butt with your running/activity. Keep it up!

  8. Awesome job with the 30miles! Your holding strong girl! The nursery looks adorable. Your crib is beautiful! Do you have any names picked out yet? :)I know how you feel about the ‘depressing’ sunday. I have the same issue. I’m thankful i’m not the only one that gets sad on Sundays… Atleast we can be sad together haha!!

  9. Oh and i see you want to run Chicago 2009… maybe we will be joining that race together! That is my first marathon goal!!!

  10. i love that 10-12 min/mile now qualifies as *good running*!! how things change…getting off my ass at ALL would count as good for me right now! maybe that’s part of my moodiness… i LOVE pooh! cute room1

  11. Mama Simmons Reply

    Ok, you are still running more mileage than me and I’m not pregnant anymore! Challenge… this week my goal is to run more than you. ;)Cute nursery. Are you having a boy or a girl? Surprise?

  12. Good luck to Bill on this testing!! I’m sure he did great!! And I love the Winne the Pooh theme in your nursery!And yeah, great job with the 30 miles. You are a machine!!

  13. We did Morgan’s room in Pooh too. We even have the same stickers on the wall! I love it. Since we didn’t know gender we wanted something neutral.I know what you mean about Sunday nights.

  14. Awesome job chica!!The nursery looks so cute! Just remember, you can’t throw that baby back in the hoo hoo once it comes out HAHAHA. Only playing. I know what you mean. Man I’ve been having baby fever as of late as well :-X :-X I DO NOT need to be breeding anymore LOL

  15. I love the Pooh theme and the furniture is really nice too. You make me feel like such a slacker hitting 30 miles, especially since your runs take you several attempts in a day!

  16. RunToFinish Reply

    lordy your preggers and going to put me to shame in my own challenge 🙂

  17. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    Wow – you got a lot done this weekend. You might have experienced a bit of the nesting instinct.

  18. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    Oh yeah, I meant to answer your question. Get the Medela pump. Mine has held up an is going strong and I’ve already put it through quite a bit.

  19. Debbie Martin-Consani Reply

    Ah now I’m totally freaked out about how unorganised I am. Yikes.Just think of Sunday nights as another week gone.

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