I couldn’t think of anything for the Runner’s Lounge white elephant thing. I’m not creative anymore after a long day. We had parent teacher conferences round 2 tonight. It makes for a long day. In between I found the room with new treadmills at school (we’re going through construction so they knocked down alot of gym space), and was able to run. The first 30 minutes were BRUTAL. Shin splints, sore calves, my legs were on fire. Also from sleeping on my back too much (not on purpose) my right ass cheek just hurts and it runs down my leg (the aforementioned sciatica). One 30 minutes hit and I took my pee break, things seemed to go much better. This week, the baby’s threshold seems to be 5.5 miles. Then the breaks are put on. I can visualize a little foot pushing out at my stomach like OK that is enough, stop now or I will put the hurt on woman!! Really! It is when I get the side stitch that is just painful. Maybe it really is a foot pushing against me.
So I made it to 5.5 and did some walking and my nice pace turned into a slow pace but I finished out 6 miles.

I was running when the indoor track girls team was working out in there and I wanted to tell them, let this be a lesson, be smart! Abstinence or safe sex people!! Otherwise you won’t be able to run for S**T and you’ll have a big gut to show around. I’m definitely starting to feel HUGE.

One thing that I think is really neat about being pregnant (as the anti-pregger) is feeling the baby moving and watching my stomach move. What is cool too is that whenever I work out, the baby stops moving and let’s me do my thing. I wonder what he/she does – goes to sleep? Holds on for dear life? I find the movement part really cool – but the feeling huge is making me feel like, ok, ready for you to come out baby! And real easily too!

I can’t believe we have to work the day after conferences. It is usually a real shit day and I want to throw things at people.

Have a good weekend to all, and good luck to CLARE who will be hopefully bringing her little one into the world this weekend!



  1. Mama Simmons Reply

    your comment about ‘let this be a lesson’ to the track girls was hilarious! :)I think baby does go to sleep when you’re working out… And luckily that continues after they are born…So how many miles you got this week? I’m still trying to get more than you. I’m at 19 so far… 😉

  2. here’s the lesson the girls should take (well, ok, after no sex til you’re in college!): RUN WHILE PREGNANT! that’s an example more people should have…that pregnant women can be healthy and active and awesome!!!

  3. Cute post. My guess that when you are running the baby is holding on for dear life and thinking I can’t wait for this to stop. It would be really cool to find out!

  4. TrainingtoTri Reply

    I wonder what my baby is doing when I work out too. I hope it enjoys it and isn’t freaked out by it!

  5. Brian Duffy Reply

    I would also guess the baby is holding on for dear like when you workout! How cute!

  6. Sorry ND – that last comment was from me but I was logged in as my BF. SOrry!

  7. Chic Runner Reply

    I learned the lesson from you my friend, and great advice from Clare too! You are doing so great and congrats on getting in a run, even though you feel crappy. Your little baby is going to come out running!

  8. LOL at the abstinence part… you are hilarious :)you are doing amazing girlie!!

  9. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    Zach always calmed down when I was working out. Be prepared to keep the baby moving when it is out of your stomach because Zach i only happy when he’s moving and I’m pretty sure its because of all the running I did with him in my belly. Get a Baby Bjorn!And being blocked means my milk duct was blocked. It sucked. I hope it never happens to you.

  10. HAHA i love your advice! I bet your lil baby is enjoying the running and it puts he or she to sleep. When you have the baby, you should get a running stroller and run with him or her. I bet they will enjoy it. My boyfriends Sister runs with the BOB ironman running stroller and her lil guy LOVES going for runs. Maybe yours will too! 🙂

  11. BeachRunner Reply

    LOL. Glad to see you are still handling the preggo shiz AND still getting through a workout. Great post homegirl.

  12. HAHAHAHA! You are too much let this be a lesson. Keep up the smile chickie that littlest runner will be here soon.

  13. Hahaha, I am picturing your baby in there hanging on to your spleen as you’re working out. Too funny.

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