30 weeks hit yesterday. Officially in the 30s now, hopefully the baby will be coming in the 30s too! Monday marks 7 months. 2 more months sounds so close, but yet… so far!

I’m starting to feel like I don’t even feel like giving the effort to run anymore. Maybe I’m in a funk but it is just not that enjoyable anymore. It takes so long just to finish a mile on a normal day, and getting in more than 4 or 5 miles seems almost miraculous. I bought a second pair of shoes to alternate and maybe motivate me – going back to my waverider 11 (mizuno). The Asics are working well but I didn’t want them to suffer an early death.

I have some questions for the mamas out there:

  • When did you stop “running” when you were pregnant (“running” to me right now means jogging, partially running, anything where you aren’t WALKING but obviously it is a slow paced thing going on)
  • Do you have both a baby jogger AND a regular stroller? I’m not sure if I need both. I know I need the jogger. Hah.

I swam yesterday and it was crowded so I had to swim with other people. It kind of sucked bc I had to stop and do the set and wait for people. Blah. I take little rest usually bc my time is limited in the pool, so I didn’t get in as much as I could have. But it felt good. Also swam today. Whenever someone was next to me in the lane, I felt like they were racing me! So I definitely piped up and went faster and thought I was moving along! When I later saw the speed of the people I was racing and pretty much keeping up with, I had to laugh. The pool that I went to today was my parents’ Y, and it is the only pool that is shallow enough (at least half way across) to do water running. Unfortunately I’m not a member so I had to pay to be a guest today (last week was free).

On to some christmas decorating and baking!

Congratulations Clare!! Can I ask to have my “membranes stripped” like the beginning of Feb? Seemed to do the trick! And GOOD LUCK D10!!



  1. I didn’t stop running (but it never stopped being enjoyable for me, I think I had a benefit there in my large frame)Yes, I have both. The baby jogger is too big to use all the time. Though, really, MOST the time I’m out with her in public I’m using the Baby Bjorn not the stroller — or just carry the car seat.

  2. Mama Simmons Reply

    I stopped running at about 25 weeks. It just got too uncomfortable for me and I knew I’d come back to it when I could after baby was born. I did the elliptical and water ran a lot though. Like 30-60 minutes/day 4 days/week (on top fo swimming 5 days/week) so that felt like something. I know its so hard to not be able to do what you want, but seriously you’re going to be *so psyched* at how it comes right back. I hammered out 10 miles today in a driving wind/rain storm and felt awesome. Not even 7 weeks post-partum. You’re going to be just fine even if you didn’t run another step until after your baby is born. :)I have the BOB jogger and another unbrella stroller, but that stoller I can’t use until she’s a little older and can sit up really on her own. To use the jogger right away you’re going to need the infant seat attachment and an infant car seat that goes with the jogger (Graco Sungride is what I have). Like Heather, most of the time when we’re out I use the Baby Bjorn. I love that thing.

  3. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    I ran up until the day I was induced but some days running only meant one or two miles. Part of the reason I ended up having an emergency c-section was that my hips never really opened up so running never really got that uncomfortable for me.We have both a walking stroller and a running stroller and while we use both we really probably only need the running stroller.

  4. I would do what exercise feels comfortable for you at this point. You are still all baby at 30 wks, looking great!

  5. I don’t have any baby advice, but it’s been so fun to follow along with all your pregnancy stuff. (Some day for me I hope!)

  6. No baby advice here but keep up the great work, your doing great and still looking awesome!!

  7. BeachRunner Reply

    You look GREAT. Consider getting a nice jogging stroller and a little, inexpensive umbrella stroller. The simple, light foldy kind.

  8. I wouldn’t do any exercises that make you feel uncomfortable. As for the baby jogger and stroller, having both is nice. The stroller is easier when you are out, but that is just personal preference. You can start off with one and see if you want to purchase the other. The running stroller is a must for you! Only 10 more weeks!! The time is going to fly by. How exciting.Have fun baking. You are looking great too.

  9. You still look wonderful!! I know that you want to keep running but maybe cross training (like the swimming) will be better. I was born in march and I know that my mom snow shoed and cross country skied until a few days before i was born. Maybe just staying active and getting outside will work well.

  10. RunToFinish Reply

    seriously you’re a cute pregnant lady, how fun!Ok is it weird that I don’t even know if I’ll have kids, but I totally know what kind of baby jogger I would get..yeah that is weird.

  11. Hi I just started reading your blog – I saw it on the RW forums. Anyway, I didn’t run at all my first pregnancy and I ran from weeks 12 through 35 with my second. I probably could have kept up the shorter runs (2 or 3 miles) at that point, but at 35 weeks I did a 6 mile run and couldn’t walk for two days afterwards! I started to have a lot of pain in those muscles below my big belly – way down there! It didn’t really bother me during a run but it made it really hard to walk for a day or two afterwards. One thing that helped was running at night so that I could go right to bed and let my body recover. If I ran in the morning it was hard to walk for the rest of the day. Anyway, at 35 I decided to stick to the elliptical for the rest of the time (I have a cheap one at home). As far as strollers we just have a jogger. If you go on a lot of walks when they are really little I could see how having the travel system would be nice because you can keep them in the car seat on the walk. But a jogger would work fine too in my opinion, you just couldn’t keep them in the car seat on the walk.

  12. YAYAAYA! congrats on hitting 30 weeks…You are in the home strech now. If you plan on running then jogging stroller is crucial. I had lost wheels with just speed walking, LOL! I have had 2 pregnant ladies in my spin classes who are both runners and one had to stop at 28 and one at 34…It was all just how they felt while running that it did not feel good kind of thing. The 34 on just gave birth Thurs and was at my spin class wed, LOL!

  13. LMAO my butt was NOT running while I was pregnant. I also didn’t pick it up until my youngest was over 1 so I have no advice on the jogger/stroller deal.You look GREAT chica!

  14. yay for baby belly! aww, i miss mine already! you pretty much know my running…ran sort of normally til 27 weeks, faked it til 30, and did the turkey trot at 36. oh, and 1 mile 3 days before she got here. for me it was more lack of motivation than actual discomfort. i hope michelle is right and it all comes back quick!

  15. You seriously look adorable now. 🙂 I’m so happy for you! You’re getting so close!!!

  16. IVF Running Mama Reply

    I ran 40 MPW at 36 weeks pregnant…and then they made me stop. But, I thought I could have kept running. I just bought the Bob Revolution and have a snug rider infant car seat frame. I found with running while pregnant that you have days where you feel great and don’t even feel pregnant and days where you feel awful and hate running. Keep at it…but know that you will eventually get to a point where it really doesn’t feel good. Just listen to your body! I keep trying to tell myself the same thing about post-partum running.

  17. Hey Nat – was just thinking about you this morning, wanted to say hello. I was looking at your blog the other day and Brent came over and said, “Whose naked stomach are you looking at?!” :)You look great! Let’s try to get together after the first of the year? Maybe we can go for a walk or something.

  18. Hang in there… hope your funk goes away ND! Wow, 30 weeks already?? 🙂

  19. Chic Runner Reply

    Hope the funk wears off soon, You still look SO great, I only hope to look like that one day. 🙂

  20. As you know, I didn’t run when I was pregnant.I would advise the two strollers. A jogger is really big and bulky – mine does not fit in the trunk of my car. A smaller, lighter stroller is really good to have.

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