Officially done with school! On break till Jan 5. I will catch up on comments of the last 2 days! I am really looking forward to sleeping in and getting some HBBC points over the next 10 days!

Dove soap update – yeah. I’m becoming like that cheerleader chick in SNL who smells her hands (except it is usually after she has them under her armpits)? Yeah, I’m the one smelling my hands after I wash them with Dove as long as the smell lasts. Please don’t think I’m crazy!

Running update – Saturday I was able to run 6 miles at one clip (with a few breaks) and then 3 more later. Whew!! Then Sunday I couldn’t run without problems. You take what you can get!!

With the holidays and new RW edition, my question is – Do you take days off? There was a time when I worked out 5 days a week and took off 2. Then 6 and took off 1, and here I am now and an off day at the very least includes yoga. I just feel much better when I do SOMETHING! But I feel like I have tired legs especially the first 10 min I am running. I was better about days off when I was in training and running fast, but now I just run whenever I can and feel like it.

week 30 – I feel like a meatball
Mon- yoga + elliptical (30 min)
Tuesday – 6 miles
Wednesday – 4 miles + lift (30 min)
Thursday – swim 2500yd, elliptical 30, bike (10) + dr appt gained too much weight : (
Friday – swim 2800yd, run 4 miles
Saturday – 9 miles (6, 3)
Sunday 6 miles

totals: Run 29 miles, average pace 10:44
(really wanted to do one more but Sunday wasn’t working out!)
Swim 5300 yards, cross train 1 hour, lift 30 minutes, yoga 1 hour

HBBC tracker: 98.25 points (followed POM’s lead on my spreadsheet!)

2 more days left! Enjoy your holiday!



  1. I know this sounds weird, but have you heard of Pica? Google it and check it out, some pregnant women get it. The soap thing could mean you have a deficiency of some kind. Or not….it’s just a thought!

  2. Mama Simmons Reply

    Sounds like you’re doing great!I rarely take days off. If all I do is swim then I consider it a day off (hey- it’s off my legs anyway!) Haven’t taken a rest day since 8 days after Moana was born… I should though. I think they’re good for you. I may take Christmas Day off?

  3. That’s great that you feel energized-enough to keep going daily! Keep at it! Way to go on the mileage this week!

  4. Your mileage is kickass still! Your a rockstart momma to be! This may be a stupid question but what is your HBBC? I have this soap i found and im obsessed with the smell, its nothing like your obsession though! Its neat to hear what each person ‘clings’ to while being pregnant! I love that your cling is soap! HAHA 🙂 Happy holidays and enjoy your break!

  5. Holy cow. 98 pts so far? Mine is not even half that. AND, I’m note even prego. Do you know how amazing you are???

  6. Oh, I also noticed that you’re thinking about Chicago Marathon next year! Me, too!

  7. Sounds like we’re neck and neck for HBBC!! :-)I’m like you, I hate taking a day off. I like to do at least something. I pretty much work out 7 days a week.

  8. i always had a hard time taking days off too. will be interesting to see if that changes, or at least to see what counts as a workout now! now that i’m back at the gym (ran a mile yesterday!) i don’t want to take days off but it’s hard to coordinate (plus it’s closed today and tomorrow!). still, 30miles at 30 weeks is awesome!

  9. I’m like you that I have to do something. Even if it’s just stretching and abs. Enjoy that glorious time off!

  10. RunToFinish Reply

    I Really enjoy how working out makes me feel, so I don’t very often take days off any more. I used to run every single day, but did finally stop doing that after the knee injury, so now I just do whatever feels good for the day.

  11. I have been trying to listen to my body – usually I only take off one day a week with track practices. Maybe working out every day is ok, it will get you moving! Even if you only do a little bit. Enjoy your vacation! Merry ChristmasOh and I have a funny story for you – I was running today and I thought to myself “I really want to be pregnant at Christmas, like 7-8 months!” I don’t even know where that came from!

  12. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    I take a day off when I just feel burnt out. Usually about every three weeks my legs just feel tired and I don’t have the desire. In January I’ll be on my coaches schedule so I’ll have more structured days off and I’ll just do what she tells me.

  13. i usually take 2-3 days off…sometimes i do weights or something on those off days but during the hard marathon training i was just taking them completely off.have a great Christmas and enjoy your time off!

  14. Depending on what I’m training for, I take 0,1, or 2 days off. In triathlon season I train every day, but it’s easier on my body since swimming and biking are low-impact. During marathon training, I run 5 days a week and usually cross train on my off days. I would never be able to run 7 days a week, thanks for sure. I make up for by taking days or even weeks off after big races though!Merry Christmas!! 🙂

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