Here is an update at 32 weeks

  • go to the bathroom all the time!
  • more tired
  • need footrubs!!!
  • more kicks!
  • more anxious to hold the baby

I’m trying to work on the anxious part. I think that if I take it one day at a time, and realize right now I can go anywhere that I want at any time, that it will be easier. In 2 months, I won’t be able to just go out for a jog or to the gym whenever. Everything will have to be coordinated. So I have to remember the free daycare thing! I am just excited to have a partially normal sweaty run in a couple of months!

I went out to dinner with my closest friends & siblings to celebrate my b’day. It was a nice time!
Christmas and birthday gifts this year: From Bill – UGG boots (so cozy), kate spade wallet, stylish jacket, cookbooks and 50/50, + bluetooth headset for my phone, from my siblings: black puffy jacket that I wanted for a while (so impressed, my brother was even the one to go to the store and get it!) then from others: baby swing, crib set, rocking chair, baby clothes and blankies, giftcards, & food processor. Good stuff! A teacher that I work with sent me this t-shirt below for the lil runner! Super cute! and one to train in for Boston that just says “RUN”. Love it.

Today went shopping with my mom and got tons of outfits – mostly ducks! Just a few big items that we need and we’ll be all set!

Started off the day with a run with my sister at Valley Forge! She was supposed to do 12 for upcoming Disney marathon but ended up having to go pick up her bf. My nike+(ipod) died but I think we did 7+. I was trying to track it on gmap but it won’t let me go off the path on it anymore. Also it looks like mapmyrun you have to pay now!! It was a good run and I didn’t have any problems!! : )



  1. Chellie has Issues Reply

    First, happy belated b-day. Second, holy cow you look smaller in that white shirt and in your red sweater. The pic with your hubs you can’t even tell you’re preggers! Don’t you just love Ugg boots? Me too!

  2. You will learn to love your uggs so much that you want to sleep in them. MY uggs and i have a close relationship ;)Sounds like you made out pretty good with the gifts! The born to run shirt is adorable, as is your baby swing! 🙂

  3. I have noticed that gmaps has changed – weird!Enjoy the uggs!! Happy 32 weeks!

  4. You got some awesome gifts. Great run too. You must be really happy with that. You guys must be really getting excited now that you are getting more baby stuff. Almost time.

  5. It sounds like you ended up with some really thoughtful gifts! LOVE that t-shirt! So cute. No wonder (s)he’s kicking, they are probably just as excited for Boston as you are.

  6. On Gmaps you have to choose “manually (straight lines)” to plot a run that goes off the road.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas and birthday! I love the “born to run” shirt. You look great in your 32 weeks pic. You’re getting close!

  8. Oooh, I want Uggs. I never wanted them until I moved up to Philly. Of course, I have been wearing flip flops since I arrived in FL.Glad to see you had a happy birthday.

  9. i got tall uggs last year and short slide on slipper ones this year… i pretty much live in them 🙂 you look so great!! love that little born to run shirt 🙂

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