Free giveaway – See’s Lollypops. See’s is a west coast candy place that I learned about after I started dating Bill. They have yummy chocolates!! The giveaway is a box of their lollypops – chocolate/butterscotch/vanilla/coffee flavored. They are a good treat for the sweet tooth and about 80 calories a pop.

Just answer this question: What do you eat the day before a long run or race?

I will pick one response randomly on Tuesday, Dec 30 after 3pm. Enjoy!



  1. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    Candy corn (Brach’s only – I’m a candy corn snob) and french fries. This is a sad statement about my diet.

  2. Newly and Forever, Tamantha Reply

    I don’t necessarily have a food…more like foods that I definately AVOID…like broccoli..chinese food…pretty much anything that makes me bloated or gives me gas…hehehe..

  3. Oooooo a lolly giveaway, eh? Yum-o!OK this is sad but I have no idea. I mean, I don’t really plan my meals unless it’s 1-2 hrs before I actually run and then I stay away from hot peppers and a lot of sugar but other than that anything goes HAHAHAA

  4. I didn’t know See’s was a West Coast thing?? We do have them all over the place here!!Oh so, I usually carbo-load. Lots of pasta or rice. Actually, I am like the human garbage disposal the day before the race. I eat just about anything and everything in the anticipation of burning a lot of calories! 😉

  5. teacherwoman Reply

    I don’t know if I really have a certain food that I eat the day before a long run, but there are definitely foods I avoid… such as fast food, most restaraunt food… especially mexican or even pasta with creamy or oily sauces.

  6. RunToFinish Reply

    oh la la, I remember seeing them at the airport somewhere and I really wanted to buy a box..not sure why but maybe just cause they look good!

  7. A Christmas present that you didn’t want? :)My favorite night-before meal (race or long run) is good bread, good pasta sauce, and good salad. Not much protein in that, unless I add some cheese to the salad, but so so good.

  8. Oh, fun!Before my long training runs I eat the same dinner…plain baked chicken, brown rice and a small portion of some green veggie.

  9. Mama Simmons Reply

    I don’t have a specific food? Probably just make sure I’ve had enough carbs, not too much alcohol, and plenty of hydration!

  10. i always eat toast, peanut butter, with banana on top! sometimes a little bit of honey! YUM!

  11. I don’t have anything in particular, just avoiding high fiber or high fat foods. I usually have 1 beer the night before, I count that as carb loading haha

  12. assuming the run is in the morning, i’ve had the best luck with oatmeal and brown sugar, with some banana or part of a bagel to munch on closer to the start.

  13. BeachRunner Reply

    I will eat anything the day before a run. Penne alla Vodka is a fav. Oh, and See’s candies are the best.

  14. Hmmm, boring pasta, pretzels, and I drink a lot of water (which is normal).

  15. I don’t eat anything specific the day before a long run, I just try to stick to food I am use to eating. I have found that if I eat something new or exotic I might end up with stomach issues. The morning of a race or long run, I stick with powerbars because I now my stomach can handle it.

  16. I don’t have anything too exciting the night before a race. Pasta. Right before a race, I must have a peanut butter and jelly sammy.

  17. you guys dont have sees?!?! its funny when you just think some things are before a long run… for dinner i usually eat pasta with red sauce and the morning before i eat toast with PB 🙂

  18. I make sure I drink plenty of water and alternate it with my electolyte drink. The day before I eat whatever I want but something usually low on fiber.Girl, you look great I can’t believe the littlest runner will be here so soon…I loved that cake, too cute!!

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