I’ve been sleeping in until 8/8:30 everyday and getting like 8-10 hours of sleep! Getting in some good workouts and vegging out! It is too easy to eat all day long and eat crappy food that is around so I’ll be happy once all the crappy food has gone and I’m back on a routine! But I love the extra sleep! I’ve surpassed my old record in going to the bathroom in the middle of the night – last night 5 times!!! Ahhh!! Sunday I had a great run with my sister at Valley Forge Park. Yesterday I lifted and crossed trained and today swam with my sister at my parents’ Y. My legs are tired. My sister is much faster at swimming than me so I had a good workout trying to keep up! I went for a run later on around where my parents live and my legs were TIRED! I couldn’t believe it was only 3.27 miles when it felt like I had run at least 7. I felt that way the other day too. It is nice to run outside though, I think it is much better for me because I’m running at the pace my body can handle instead of trying to push it on the treadmill. The only problem is the lack of a bathroom when I go out running. Hope everyone else is enjoying a slow week or some off time!

Week 31
Mon 12/22 – 1.25 miles, yoga, elliptical 30
Tues – 6 m 1:03:41
Wed – 30 min lift, 45 elliptical, 15 bike
Thurs – B’day/xmas – 6 miles 104:03
Fri – elliptical30/bike 15, 3 miles
Sat – yoga, ellip, run 6.7
Sun run 7

totals: 30 miles! 2 hrs of yoga, cross training 2.5 hours, no swimming : (

hbbc 146.22, when is this thing over, I am taking a day off when it ends!!

The winner for the Lollys is Denise at Running Journal picked by Random.org. First time I used that site, it was pretty cool! Send me your address to tosha25italia @ yahoo. Giveaways are fun!!



  1. RunToFinish Reply

    Yeah for Denise!! You dont’ think it feels harder oh say cause you are carrying a baby?

  2. WOO HOO!! I can’t believe I won!!! I’ll email you my address now. Man, this just made my night (doesn’t take much, hunh?).AND…I can’t believe you’re pregnant and have that many points for the HBBC. I’m not carrying a baby, what’s my excuse??

  3. Mama Simmons Reply

    Enjoy those 8-10 hours of sleep now… ;)I can’t believe you’re still running 30 miles/week. That’s amazing.

  4. Chellie has Issues Reply

    How the hell do you do yoga with a baby inyer belly? You must be super flexible. It fall over and be unbalanced. I can barely balance just me. Again, you are super woman! And lifted weights too? Do you even get Braxton Hicks? I used to get them all the time when I’d try to workout with my belly.

  5. Great job with the crazy mileage. Your gonna end 08 with a bang! You dont have much time before your little one arrives! πŸ™‚

  6. Way to keep up with the great workouts! Enjoy all that sleeping. It’s well-earned.

  7. You are totally kicking my butt in the HBBC challenge! Glad to read you are getting lots of rest. Happy New Year!

  8. awesome job on the workouts!!! i am very much enjoying my vacation from work too πŸ™‚

  9. Great job on 30 miles this week! Sleeping in is the best and that extra rest is probably helping to make the workouts/recovery from workouts even better!

  10. I went running today!!!Wanna link up for a short one (3-4 miles) some afternoon next week?(I’m not sure why I’m posting this on your blog instead of emailing you…)

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