Today was a good day for Wicked (for you bostonians) and Wondrous Wednesday. I forgot that on Monday Bill told me there was a message at home that I won some basket at the gym. There was some survey and you got entered in a raffle. So I went to yoga on Monday night and got this random basket of weird gym stuff. My gym is totally weird and opened up a weight loss center right next door and I feel like they are totally shady and just take supplements and weird stuff. So this basket is not made for a pregnant girl!

Some of the stuff in it: Bottle of Relora pills (I looked this up – mood regulation/stress related eating – anyone heard of it?), bottle of apex advanced calcium pills, and a multi vitamin by apex. Then these 3 weird bars, 2 of which have no ingredients so I won’t touch them and a one of which is a cookie “nutrition” bar. A DVD which I’ll probably do as a giveaway soon! The good things in the basket were a water bottle, stretching cord thing, and mini gym bag. There is also a certificate for one free training appointment and one free 1/2 hour massage. The massage room is this shady room that says massage in big sticker letters on the door, and the trainers there – yeah, I know more than they do. I always wanted to have a personal trainer so I went this summer and had one appointment. They set me up with a guy who was probably 22 and I definitely had more information than he did. The plan he wanted to put me on was basically eating egg whites, fruit and vegetables. I’d then have a skeleton baby. But – I am so lucky, I win random things all the time. I just had a flash back to freshmen year in college I won a mountain bike in a drawing in the cafeteria! I also won a fuel belt from the bootie buster (and got that last weekend, hooray!)
So that was funny.

Today at school a kid I taught last year who was kind of my project to get him to work (but I failed) saw me in the hallway and stared at me in shock and said ” WAIT! You’re pregnant???”
It was hilarious. I see him all the time! I told him I had eaten too much for breakfast. That made me laugh because I am a basketball belly right now!

I was able to run today and it felt great!
I am thankful for legs that carry me and for my health.
I was a bit more social today but I didn’t want to be.

My quads are STILL sore. Seriously!!!



  1. Way to stay positive and social! Your attitude is rubbing off on me… :)Cute story about the kiddo! The things they say crack me up!

  2. Shady massage place, huh? Hhmmmm…happy ending anyone?I may have a negative attitude a lot, but the one thing I am always very thankful for my health. I’m glad you and the lil basketball are healthy too 🙂

  3. Yes, weight loss centers all about pills are the worst idea ever. And we wonder why so many Americans are overweight and out of shape.

  4. I love the positive attitude! Maybe your positiveness is seeping into your running!!

  5. Chellie has Issues Reply

    The only thing I usually win is a my own classroom’s basket at our school carnival. The parents are starting to think I’m shady but I have nothing to do with it! Honest! 🙂

  6. Mama Simmons Reply

    Oh it totally drives me NUTS when trainers at the gym don’t know what the held they’re talking about… Ugh.

  7. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    I’m so jealous of you lucky people that win stuff all the time (even if it’s some weird stuff). I so don’t have that kind of luck. I’ve never had a personal trainer but always wanted my own Jillian or Bob from Biggest Loser but the trainers at our gym don’t look like they could hold a torch to those two.

  8. kids are so ridiculous! i’m going in today with andra and i hope i get some funny comments. sucks about the trainers…when you get a good one you connect with it is so amazing!!

  9. Thank you SO much for the sweet comment you left on my last post. Sorry to hear you struggle from time to time, too. I do have to say that talking to someone is so helpful. I can’t explain how or why it works, but it does. I’ve battled the weight issue since I was a little girl and since I lost the 40lbs, I think I’m even more obsessed b/c I’m petrified to gain it back. And of course, I always want to “lost a little more.” It’s a never ending vicious cycle!! And while working out helps, I’m exactly like you. I beat myself up so badly if I take a day off that it’s not worth it to take a rest day. Congrats on winning the basket altho I wouldn’t eat any of those bars either. And I’m anti supplements so steer clear of them! 🙂

  10. RunToFinish Reply

    Winning stuff is fun, definitely better when you win good stuff though. I can’t stand most of those weird bars they taste chalky.. and the pills sound a little scary.

  11. Debbie Martin-Consani Reply

    The stretching cord will come in handy. My antenatal yoga class taught me to do lunges but have someone hold your hands to take the weight off your legs. Apparently it’s the optimum position during labour. I now use a stretching rope wrapped round my stair bannister to practice. Just thought I’d share that with you 🙂 🙂

  12. BeachRunner Reply

    Congrats on the win of mystery basket o’ shady gym shiz. I got such a laugh at the “shady gym” stuff. That massage room sounds like a no fly zone to me. And the training, ROFL. Enjoy those crap bars and Relora (whatever that is) – yeah that is real good for a developing baby. Great job on your continued running, more-social attitude, and trademarked N-slice bloggy wit.

  13. I know my gym has all these shady products too. Yet the shady massage room had me rolling girl!I am glad you had a run to day and feeling groovy chickie! Postive outlook brings positiveness back to you 🙂

  14. I know my gym has all these shady products too. Yet the shady massage room had me rolling girl!I am glad you had a run to day and feeling groovy chickie! Postive outlook brings positiveness back to you 🙂

  15. Mystery basket? Sounds like “secret sauce”; ie. stay away! As far as the massage “parlour”, it seems like that should be relegated to the “to remain in the mystery basket” category.Glad to hear you are feeling great and running! Unbelievable!

  16. lol that basket sounds hilarious 🙂 awesome job keeping up with the positive attitude!!!!

  17. Chic Runner Reply

    ha ha ha that story was too funny, what kind of gym are you going too. it sounds like the people watching there must just be fabulous. and lucky you for winning stuff all the time! 🙂 Glad you were able to run!

  18. “I was a bit more social today but I didn’t want to be.” I love this comment cuz it sounds just like me some days!

  19. Frayed Laces Reply

    Good call on staying away from the shady nutrition bars. That is so sketch.

  20. It’s great that you won the basket but I wouldn’t consume any of those! LOL! You are so awesome staying fit through your pregnancy. I’m SO going to ask you for advice when it’s my turn (one day)!!!

  21. Congrats on winning the weird basket- the Hubs wins stuff all the time. Sometimes it’s good stuff, sometimes it’s pure crap, but it’s fun to win nonetheless.The story about the kid at school totally made me laugh. Typical high school guy- heck, typical guy, period. = )

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