34 weeks

In Florida, jealous of everyone running this weekend. Good luck to anyone who is! Great weather, and the week ended well, positive things!

Recently became a house? See picture below. Loving the weather here!!!!! Went for two mini runs today in shorts and tshirt!

33 weeks (last week)

Like feeling the baby move, getting used to this, it isn’t bad!
Going to the bathroom ALL the time

Monday: yoga + elliptical 30 min
Tuesday: 4 miles, elliptical 22 min
Wednesday: 4.5 miles + 13 elliptical min
Thursday: 6 miles
Friday: 2200 yds swim
Saturday: 3.10 miles (37 min) 2.94 (37 min) miles
Sunday: 8.5 miles with my sister in the WDW marathon ๐Ÿ™‚

Total: 29 miles(average 11:51mm), 2200 yds swam, cross train: 1:05



  1. Mama Simmons Reply

    You look like such a cute pregnant woman! Seriuosly, it took 34 weeks until you finally look pregnant! ;)Have a fun weekend!

  2. You’re most certainly not a house. Adorable pregnant lady with a little basketball under your shirt yes, but not a house! Enjoy the sunshine.

  3. Your so cute! Not a house though. Nope not at all! ๐Ÿ™‚ How come your in florida? It looks georgous there! Have fun!

  4. enjoy the last few weeks…honestly, i started to like the belly at the end!

  5. House?? What? You’re crazy! You look soooo cute!! Enjoy the warm weather. It’s freezing up here!

  6. Your little basketball belly looks very cute! Enjoy disney and the nice weather! So jealous since we got like 5 inches of snow last night!

  7. I agree with Mama Simmons . You FINALLY look pregnant. I know a lot of women who like like this at 5 months! Even bigger!Glad you are enjoying the sun! Have a great time and a safe trip back to the cold and ice.I hope your sister ran a good race.

  8. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    You have the cutest belly! I kept an eye out for you today but didn’t see you, although I did see one pregnant woman but she clearly wasn’t you. Everyone from here keeps saying how chilly it is – these Floridians are nuts. It’s awesome.

  9. girl please what house?? You look great and way to get some mini runs in with the gorgeous weather.

  10. jsmarslender Reply

    Yea for you! I agree with Clare – I ended up liking my belly. It’s just something you get for a short time so have fun with the new shape. Is your baby busy?

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