I got my official confirmation today in the mail and earlier this week on email that I’m into Boston. It is on my fridge for motivation. “Training” officially started this past Monday – which was actually an off day for me (travel!) I’m not sure how I will play this one out, but my goal is to continue running 25-30 miles a week, not have a c-section and start running as soon as possible after the baby comes! So I hope he/she comes a bit early so I have more time to train. The WDW really did get me even more psyched than I already was. I felt like it was meant to be that I got in to the race with charity, so I hope that nothing crazy will happen and that I can recover quickly and be able to finish it! So that is the plan. I printed off a maintenance plan from smart coach and the novice plan from the Boston website and hope to mix and match them. Let me know what you think or any advice on how to train for this one – APRIL 20!

Tomorrow is officially 8 months!

I know I am very behind @ comments, and will catch up. We have midterms next week so it’s the final crunch to get them together. Also I’m starting to stress that everyday may be the last day I am at work (wishful thinking maybe) so I’m on edge! I’m ok with working a few more weeks and do have March 1st in my mind for now and I’m being patient since that is a while away.

I was thinking today as I was running on the treadmill (most runs now-a-days) that it was pretty crappy weeks 28-30ish and then started to improve and has been feeling pretty good lately, albeit slow.



  1. That’s great motivation to have your confirmation. Good idea to run on the treadmill for now as well!

  2. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    Even if your little one comes late and you end up with a c-section (my exact scenario), you can still do it! I think the best thing you can do is start to mentally prepare yourself to just roll with what you are given because pretty soon you won’t be in control of your life (but in a good way!).

  3. Great job! Your still running strong! I cant believe its almost february! I feel like just yesterday it was warm out. HA HA HA! Happy Wednesday!

  4. It must have been exciting getting all the papers!! Keep listening to your body and don’t stress about training. Do the best you can.

  5. your running is so impressive. i know that awful (yet great!) feeling of not knowing when your last day is. but it is true when it comes, you won’t care what you left behind in the classroom! i don’t wanna go back…think i can stretch it out til march 2.

  6. Wow 8 months already! I agree with d10. Don’t stress with the training just roll with it and do the best you can 🙂

  7. BeachRunner Reply

    This will be an amazing year for you, N-slice. Mommy D and Mommy Marcy know the deal on this one. Do what you can and go with the flow.

  8. I think if you’ve got your expectations at the level of what you can reasonably train for, you’re going to have a great Boston experience. NO doubt about it.Have you contacted the DFMC coach yet about your unique situation? Jack will be your best guide through training given your circumstances, and he’s an amazing resource for his runners so definitely use him. Tell him I sent you.I’m so excited for you–it’s going to be an amazing year!

  9. When is your due date again? can we have a contest to guess when you will have the baby??? I am sure you will be running up until the day you go in to deliever!

  10. No matter when or how the baby comes, you got this! You’re a running machine!!

  11. Jennifer Burgett Reply

    April 20th is my son’s birthday – so it is a very good day!!!!And I know it will be a good day for you as well. Best of luck!!!

  12. You’re doing great and I’m sure you will not only make it to run Boston, but will have a great time! Smart to stay on the (dreaded) treadmill (at least I dread it) – no sense in putting yourself and the baby at risk with falling. Good luck and continued good health!

  13. 8 months already?!?! baby will be here so soon! its really flown by :)yay for boston!!! i wish i was going to be there this year to meet you!

  14. AH BOSTON!!!! I went to school on the top of heart break hill. Its such an amazing race! and congrats on 8 months!! Good luck with mid terms and these last few weeks of pregnancy! I am amazed that you are still running! woo hoo!

  15. AH BOSTON!!!! I went to school on the top of heart break hill. Its such an amazing race! and congrats on 8 months!! Good luck with mid terms and these last few weeks of pregnancy! I am amazed that you are still running! woo hoo!

  16. You’ll do fine regardless of what’s thrown your way! Way to Boston!

  17. How awesome is it to have a Boston confirmation to put on your fridge? Every woman should be so lucky to have something like that to motivate her after having a baby!

  18. What a great motivation! I think it’s amazing that you’re running Boston. Wow!!! (And I’m totally jealous!)

  19. That’s a great idea about using your confirmation for motivation- I know how much it means to you!And that’s good that things are feeling better than in weeks 28-30. Don’t worry about being slow, as long as it feels okay, that means you can keep plugging along. Good luck!

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