I was sent a bottle of WIN DETERGENT to try out and review. Over the summer my running clothes were smelling HORRIBLE so I started to do a hot water wash which seemed to do the trick. The problem is that hot water probably decreases the life of my clothes – so I was excited to try this detergent which is endorsed by some Olympians and claims it gets the embedded sweat out of workout clothes. So I washed all of my nasty smelly clothes from this week with a small capful of this stuff. Couple hours later did the smell test. Literally shoved these clothes in my nose and gave them an intense smell test – every single shirt and pair or shorts or pants. No smell! I’m impressed. I will definitely use this detergent on my running clothes instead of hot water. Good stuff and I was super happy to be able to try it out! You can get it here and Dick’s Sporting Goods, also other specialty stores. It is around $6.99/ 21 oz. Try it out!

Pros – need a small amount for a large load, it WORKS!, you feel special using athlete detergent
Cons – Price is quite hefty for a small bottle of it


I was a machine today. Since we were in Florida last weekend, we had to get away all of our christmas stuff, and I also wanted to get the nursery closet organized and take things out of boxes. We didn’t have a shower so basically our parents have bought us stuff and mailed us things. I also wanted to run 10 miles. Abby and I were going to go outside but it was a bit chilly so instead decided not to. Over what seemed 3 hours from start to finish I was able to finish 11 miles. It took just over 2 hours, but I took mini breaks between miles. After 2-3 miles in my Asics the bottoms of my calves were aching very badly. I crawled up 2 flights of stairs in pain to get my other shoes and once I switched to my favorite Mizunos it was much better! I still stopped here and there with side stitches and such and did some blog comments, and sending my progress updates to Abby, like a virtual run. Also, I forgot to mention that I found some chocolate mint GU and Bill picked it up for me at REI this week. Yummy stuff! I thought it was a new flavor, but found out it was seasonal. Abby told me about it & I got it on sale! Anyway, got through that…

then was a cleaning machine for hours on end. I feel accomplished but I am exhausted! At least our house is clean and organized! I love throwing things out. Lots of trash today.



  1. Mama Simmons Reply

    Chocolate mint GU? Oh I’ve gotta find some of that!I can’t believe you’re still getting in that kind of mileage. You’re amazing!

  2. Great job on the run! Sounds like you were on a mission today!! I have been meaning to try some kind of detergent to see if it will help my workout clothes be less gross!

  3. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    Sounds like the nesting instinct might be kicking in for you. I want some mint chocolate gu. I wish they had a dark chocolate flavor. I’ve been thinking about dark chocolate all day.

  4. You’re a machine!! Do you ever stop?? Sleep well tonight, you deserve it!

  5. You have been very productive. The chocolate mint GU sounds good. I enjoyed your list too. The belly is looking good.

  6. jsmarslender Reply

    Thanks for the detergent review. I’m gonna look for that this summer. I was planning to pitch all my old running shirts but think I’ll give this a shot instead. Happy running!

  7. I can’t believe you can still run that far! I use that detergent it does help.

  8. Way to go on the 11 miles! I can’t believe an 8 month pregnant lady is making me feel lazy.I might go look into the detergent.

  9. Sounds like that detergent is awesome.. ill have to check into it! :)Your still being AWESOME and running sweet mileage.. keep it up!

  10. great job on the run!! i am getting some of that detergent soon… cant wait to test it out 🙂 i loooove the choc mint gu! i need to try to find some more before its all gone!

  11. I love weekends where I get a lot done! It makes me feel so fresh to start the week. Nice job with the 11 miler!

  12. Great job! Love your blog – especially as a mom – by the way- your belly is super cute! My babies are now 6 and 3 years old so my belly is not nearly as cute 🙂

  13. jsmarslender Reply

    Oh, yeah – I guess that does sound odd that I won’t get around to using the detergent until summer. Since we live in South America, we can’t always find a lot of good fitness gear (except soccer shoes) and I haven’t seen Win here. I’ll look around though. Otherwise, it waits until we visit home. : )

  14. I don’t know how you do it. Seriously, I look at my sister’s tummy and I think, “Omg, I can’t believe ND is running with THAT”. LOL. You’re doing great!Oh and I got some Win detergent, too! Glad to hear you liked it!!

  15. I also love throwing things out – it’s cathartic in a strange kind of way.

  16. Thanks for the review on the Win. I just got a sample of Penguin Sport Wash to try, but I think the Win is cheaper, so maybe I’ll try that next and see which I like better.That’s funny about the choc mint Gu. I love chocolate mint, but the choc Gu I had during a race last fall was so thick (like frosting) that it just made my mouth sticky. Maybe I should give it another try, though.Great job on the cleaning- I love the feeling after a good cleaning fest.

  17. This stuff WIN has got to be toxic. The smell is so strong I can't get it out of things. Found out all perfumed stuff unless with natural oils is toxic and bad for you. No wonder they do not list the ingredients. It's poison.

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