Tomorrow I will be full term. Whew. Made it there. There were definitely times along the way where I thought I might be going to a doctor appointment and be told that I needed to go on bedrest or stop working out, but I guess my skillful eating habits throughout the baby growing period (picture what I want = eat it) worked! I have been pretty good, actually. I feel like I need to eat more crap before I go into weight loss mode. I’m in the mode where I can wait until my due date for this little peanut to arrive right now. The thought of him/her coming next week or within the next 3 is kind of scary! I feel lucky as ever that I have been able to run throughout this whole time. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t fast – but it was running!!

Running updates for this week – I have been guilty of not taking rest days this week. The snow day yesterday (SWEET!) didn’t help, because it is my normal swimming day, so I’ve ran everyday this week. My knee is bothering me a little bit (overuse!) and the achilles problem lingers but I can run through that. Thanks for the stretches Angela! This weekend I am going to try to do another long run on the great old treadmill with my GU. I did order some HAMMER gel – Abby really likes this and used it for her IM back in September so I’m being a little bit of a traitor but I thought I’d try it for less cost and free shipping @ Amazon.

Thank you for your thoughts/advice for the doula. I found the best of both worlds and asked her if she could take away the meetings that were included and charge half her cost to just come assist us with the labor/delivery, and I feel really good about it. She’s not the type to make me feel bad if I want drugs, but she is there as a support and to help me to get through the process. So I’m going to try to skip the drugs with some assistance of someone that knows what to do and what to tell Bill to do to help me to survive the whole thing.

My bellybutton never fully became an outtie but the top ridge hangs out – gross. If I grow any more, I think I’ll be ready asap to have the baby on the outside! I started running into things with my stomach this week.

Your guesses:

My Naturally Nutty was supposed to come Wednesday but the snow delayed it until tomorrow so that will be tomorrow’s treat!



  1. YAAA! Girl getcha some rest before the long run…promise. You are def a role model for pregnant women everywhere!Oh I lacked the date, duh. I am going with Feb 20th just feeling it.

  2. Great job on taking such good care of yourself. You look so healthy!!

  3. Mama Simmons Reply

    I can’t believe you’re full term already! Ok, I know it seemed like forever to you, but time flies by a lot faster when your baby is on the outside! ;)You look great. And I’m sure you’re relieved to have a plan in place for delivery that makes you comfortable.

  4. OMG look at your cute prego belly! Ahhh adorable!!! Your stomach has grown alot since your last picture! I hope you have the lil peanut on feb 12th so i can be the big winner! 🙂 I cant wait to hear about the lil person and what name you decide on! I’m crossing my figners that your belly button dosent fully come out. Enjoy your last few days of sleep!

  5. Look at you all cute and pregnant! Any day now. :o)I’m a Hammer Gel-only girl, so I support the switch. The raspberry ones are the tastiest.

  6. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    You do not look full term! So tiny. And don’t worry about losing weight afterwards. If you breastfeed it will fall off.

  7. teacherwoman Reply

    You are too cute… and so ready to bring that baby into the world! 🙂

  8. Yay, full term!! Glad you got the doula situation figured out. I have no idea how you are still running. You rock. Have a great weekend.

  9. go eat junk and enjoy it! it’ll be the last time you won’t feel guilty for it! yay for innies…keep encouraging it to stay in!

  10. Wow you look amazing for being at full term. Must be all that running!

  11. RunToFinish Reply

    I was just wondering where the heck my Naturally nutty was?!Wow you look like you have a basketball in there.. amazed that you are still running so much, I love it!

  12. Still in amazement! 🙂 I’m slowly catching up on all your posts so I can steal your secrets someday. So excited for you!

  13. Omg look at that belly! Beautiful!! Yay for being full term. That means physically you are ready and I am sure that mentally you’ll be ready too. 🙂 You’re going to be such a great mom.Great creative solution to the doula thing. You’re such a smartie!Thanks for sharing the picutres and stay healthy!

  14. Congratulations! That’s great about the doula. Yay baby get here soon!

  15. yayyyy look at you 🙂 love the belly pics!!! you will be a mama soon!!

  16. Wonderful! Congrats, you look great. Keep the positive attitude and don’t forget to get some rest.

  17. jsmarslender Reply

    Enjoy, enjoy. Almost done. Or almost just starting, really. Take care of yourself. Rest much.

  18. Yay! What a great story you will have to tell your son/daughter. (I think daughter) Congrats on everything!

  19. DC Running Mama Reply

    Glad you chose the doula. You will appreciate having her there! Now, make yourself a relaxing ipod mix. I highly suggest Allison Krause and Union St!!

  20. Congratulations on making it to full-term. It’s such a wonderful accomplishment and all your healthy decisions helped get you there. I’m so happy for you!You finally LOOK pregnant, now that you are going to have the kid any day now. Hahaha…

  21. Debbie Martin-Consani Reply

    That’s a great bump. You will be as flat as a pancake in no time. I’ve been amazed at how quickly mine has gone down. There’s still a nastly layer of fat that I’ll have to shift though.

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