Bill studying for the CFA round 2

What I noticed over the past few days is that all of the pieces have to fit together and working out has to be a priority if you plan to fit it in when you have a child. Besides working it around feeding and lil Nick sleeping, then you have to worry about visitors (AHHH!) Bill is trying to study for round 2 of the CFA exam, and I don’t even think I made a post congratulating him on passing Round 1 of this insane 35% passing rate exam! WAY TO GO BEEZ! He found out Jan 28! So we have to kind of tag team and take turns doing things but that means hardly doing anything together which is sad 🙁

Bill got to study today though and I got to run. I wasn’t going to run today but then I realized we couldn’t go to the gym together and I didn’t want to leave incase the little guy got cranky because I wanted to make sure he could get some studying in today! It is hard getting anything done and the day just flies by! So I hit up the treadmill and got in 4 miles -45 minutes. It feels much better than pregnant running and I am still just taking it easy. I don’t have any achilles issues so far and its basically comfortable – maybe some hollow kind of feeling lower down? It will be great to get faster – soon enough – and see how that feels! This is a great article on exercise postpartum from DC running mama: It made me feel better about getting back into working out!

I went on the wii fit today and it told me I lost 14.6 pounds. Then told me it was concerned that I did it too quickly. Haha. I was looking forward to that. Back in the normal range – not overweight on the wii fit.

10 days postpartum – a bit flabby but not bad

37 weeks – last pic that I took

The next few days will be interesting as I try to find balance and figure out a schedule so that I can make it to the gym, get things done, and spend time with my sweetheart husband too! Teaching is such a big part of my life, it will be an adjustment that I hope will be easy as the days/weeks pass and I’m not working.



  1. working out definitely has to be a priority if you want to get any done even withOUT a baby, so with a baby its WAAAAAY harder i am sure! great job for getting another 4 miles in… you are doing great :)LOL at the wii fit :)congrats to your hubby! i have a couple friends who took that and its not an easy test!

  2. I know someone who took the all three levels of the CFA exam. Second round is supposed to be the hardest, but I am sure he will do just fine. It will all be worth it in the end!

  3. RunToFinish Reply

    The incredible shrinking woman. I say you are still early on and figuring out a lot pretty quickly, so hopefully the time together will come with that as well

  4. Mama Simmons Reply

    Yeah, one of the hardest things about having a baby is the reduction in quality time with your husband. One of you is always ‘on duty’ so there’s a lot of trading off going on and most of your free time will be without him. Here’s an idea- use those visitors so the two of you can go do something together for an hour. 🙂

  5. i also know someone who took all the cfa tests…i was amazed how much such a smart girl studied! we tag team too…it’s worst when hubby is working, i go to the gym the second he gets home, and andra doesn’t go to bed til 9…we barely see each other, but i’m not giving up the gym!

  6. You look great! It’s great that you’re working as a team and fitting in the exercise. Get some rest, too!

  7. Great run! And congrats on the weight loss, you are such a fit woman I know you’ll be stronger than ever soon. I’ve heard that women who have had babies are much tougher and better runners, especially at distance (don’t ask where I heard that…) and I can totally believe that. You are going to be unstoppable!! :)Congrats to your husband on the exam and good luck on his future studies! You guys are a couple of super heros I swear. Btw, I’ve been reading your baby blog but feel kind of silly commenting, so let me just tell you here that I LOVE it, especially all the pictures. 🙂

  8. hareandtortoise Reply

    Really enjoy your blog(s), especially with the new addition to the family! Also, as a runner and hopefully future mother, I’ve been really happy to read that you managed to stay running until the baby was born, and how quickly you are back at it. I will look forward to your running progression!

  9. That is amazing that your stomach looks like that! Mine was NOT that firm looking at all! You are kicking ass in the running department considering how little he still is. You should be really proud of yourself.

  10. You are looking and running good. The other part of balancing work, family, being a mom is flexibility. You will soon realize that you will need to work around the baby!Oh, congrats to your husband too.

  11. KK @ Running Through Life Reply

    Congrats all around! Yay for getting back into running! You look awesome!

  12. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    Find balance and a routine gets a little easier everyday but the first couple of weeks will be such a blur. It gets easier, I promise. And congrats on the CFA – that test is no joke!

  13. Congrats to hubby on round 1. That’s great.Speaking of great, you look amazing.

  14. COngrats to your baby daddy 🙂 I love saying that haha!Great job with all the running… i cant believe you are movin along so fast! 🙂

  15. Congrats on dropping so much pregnancy weight so quickly! You’ll be back to your old running speeds in no time!

  16. BeachRunner Reply

    You and the little dude look fabulous. Congrats to hubster on passing round one of a killer exam. Way to go!

  17. A very much belated congrats on the little one. What a cutie!And you look freaking fabulous for just having birthed a baby. Dang girl! 🙂

  18. You look amazing for anyone, not to mention for someone who just had a baby 10 days ago!

  19. That’s so funny about the Wii, and you waiting for it to tell you that you’d better be careful! It’s also great, and amazing, that you are running already!And you are so right about fitting exercise in – it only happens when it is a priority, and friction amongst the adults is minimized when both recognize it as such.And, of course, your baby looks sooooo cute!!!

  20. Chic Runner Reply

    You are so inspiring! Seriously! you are amazing and look great. Glad the wii was worried about you. ha ha.

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