Today I did some yoga and elliptical. Tomorrow I hope to run again, but I don’t want to overdo it. I went out the door shortly after Bill got home. I was trying to workout at home using videos today but never did finish one – either the baby woke up or phone rang – I was getting cranky.
Is it not right to bring Nick in his carseat to the gym while he sleeps? I know they don’t watch kids until 6 wks old. He mostly sleeps so — is that wrong ?

I’m trying to figure out what the best plan is to get into marathon training mode. Less than 2 months to go and I’m not rushing it but I would like to have a plan in place. What are your thoughts?

My first race will probably be the ocean drive 10 miler on March 29th. Then at least one 5k on April 11. Then Boston on the 20th, then Broad Street May 3. I always try to get a low number for broad street – it used to depend on when you signed up so I would keep checking back to see when registration was ready. I signed up yesterday. Broad Street was my very first race in 2004!
My goal for Boston is to finish, so I just want to get in the mileage and not get injured. Then maybe I’ll go for a fall marathon for a speedier time.

I can’t wait till my baby jogger comes in next week. I’m not sure though if it will be too cold to take the little guy out in it. Does anyone have that wind/sun protector? Would that be enough with some blankets and a hat for the little guy?



  1. I’ve heard Broad Street is a lot of fun, but I haven’t done it yet…it sounds like you’ve got a good plan for training and goals for your races

  2. teacherwoman Reply

    Sounds like your pretty busy. It would be kind of weird to see a little one in a carseat while on the treadmill, but than again, to each their own. LOL.

  3. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    Our gym was really strict about enforcing the 3 month rule but I don’t know what they would have done if I just brought Zach up to my treadmill instead of taking him to the childcare center. I say go for it.And I’ve got no two month training plans but I think it better to be undertrained than to kill yourself in the next 2 months trying to get ready.

  4. jsmarslender Reply

    You make me want to run a marathon now – forgetting goal times and yada yada – just because it sounds fun. I must find a race to enter soon.

  5. RunToFinish Reply

    oh baby jogger, dude i want one of those… i don’t know why, clearly i have no child but i think people running with them just look super amazing and powerful!ok sorry back to a plan…well hmm actually i’ve got nothing for you there because I think you are already making things work and you’ll keep finding additional time

  6. Your movin along well lady! Id take my kid to the gym and park him right by the treadmill. What are they gonna say? You cant do that. So then if they do, just leave. Its worth a shot, the most they will do is say you have to leave right? πŸ™‚

  7. I thought I’d heard that you’re supposed to wait until the baby was a little older with more neck support before you take him in the jogger? But actually I think there are neck supporter things you can buy. I really don’t know what I’m talking about so just ignore me!I can tell you are so excited to get out there and run and that is awesome! I have no doubt you’ll finish Boston, all you have to do is a couple long training runs, which you will have no problem getting in. You’re going to have a blast. πŸ™‚

  8. i was just going to ask the same thing as jen… look at us non mom’s asking these ?s like we know hehe. my friends though you arent supposed to use until like 5 months or something? BUT i bet you could find supports? HOW FUN to go running with your baby jogger!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ you are doing great!! sounds like you have a great plan ahead!

  9. The Chapples Reply

    I ran with Baker pretty early but he had good neck support. And he was in his carseat (my Ironman BOB had an infant seat adaptor). The thought crossed my mind before he was 6 weeks old to bring him to the Y and park him beside of me, but I never did it. I say go for it!

  10. First all the pictures of Nick are so cute! I love looking at them. As for taking the baby to the gym. I think it depends on the crowd. If the gym is crowded I wouldn’t take him. Too many people don’t pay attention and too many germs. If the gym is pretty quiet than it is worth a shot. As for taking Nick out in the baby jogger, I would wait until he is a little bit older and it is a little bit warmer out. You are going to get a lot of people telling you what you should and shouldn’t do on all topics related to Nick. Always remember to do what you feel comfortable with and what you think is best for Nick.

  11. You’re definitely keeping yourself busy!I just posted a link on my blog to a site that calculates a training program based on date, distance, etc. Maybe that will help you set something up for Boston…

  12. Helen/H1202 Reply

    Hi Natalie – Congratulations on Nicholas; I’ve been following your blog along with our other teammates for DFMC 2009!I have 2 little boys, 3 and 1, and saw your questions about the gym and the jogging stroller. On the joggers, most specifically say not for use for infants under 6 months because newborns lack sufficient spinal and neck development to handle the movement. There are, however, some newer models that have inserts which specifically accommodate newborns to keep them safe. The cover, along with a full body snuggly and hat, is probably sufficient unless it is super cold. Best thing: ask your pediatrician what they recommend for durations outside and bundling, etc.; they’ll help you to plan your runs based on what Nick can handle at each age/stage.The gym I’d check with the pediatrician too. Even if it’s not a crowded time, gyms have a lot of germs and the bigger concern would be Nick’s level of immunity. That’s why they usually have the 3-month and up rule for babysitting at a lot of places. For the first 6-8 weeks, it is pretty low but again, your pediatrician can help you sort this out so you can accomplish all workouts and keep Nick safe.Kudos to you for keeping it all together! Look forward to meeting at the race. Warmly, Helen/H1202

  13. I would invest in a treadmill at your home. There are so many germs at the gym day care, and don’t forget that there will be many days for years to come when you’re stuck at home when he’s not feeling well. And as for the jogger,I’d do some research as they do not recommend using it for babies younger than 4 months. Try and get the latest data.

  14. Get that wind/sun protector, though if you have the choice of a mesh one or a vinyl one, get the vinyl one for the cold. It cuts the wind completely out and your baby will be totally comfortable in there when bundled up (kind of a greenhouse effect thing going on). We used to do this with ours and, if anything, overheating was the concern even on super cold days. On those cold days I remember wishing it was me in that stroller!

  15. And that comment on making sure the jogging stroller is right for such a little infant is worth exploring. The running stroller we got as a present was for kids who could sit up on their own already, which is something like 6-8 months or so. However, I know that Chariot makes a harness that you attach to the inside of their strollers that suspends the baby in a sort of hammock like fashion and can be used with infants.

  16. Debbie Martin-Consani Reply

    I can’t wait to use my baby jogger either. It’s still in the box. As mentioned above, I can’t use it until the baby can hold up his neck. Here’s hoping he’s advanced for his age πŸ™‚

  17. Any excersise is better than no excersise. You’re right to listen to your body. I know you’re going ot kick butt at Boston.

  18. I was going to say the same thing as d10. As long as it’s not crowded, I don’t see why not?

  19. I have no clue about the stroller/gym action. Although I have heard the same thing others have mentioned about not using the stroller till they’re a bit older, due to neck issues.So, why do you try to get a lower number for Broad Street? Is it for corals? Should I sign up now?

  20. I’d wait on the gym because of the immunity issue… I know my gym (YMCA) required 3 months for that reason.Don’t worry about the baby jogger though as long as you have the infant adapter (if not, order now! Only $60! Worth being able to run safely for the first 6 months!) that lets you put the car seat in! Same as a car at that point and your can use at any age! — Get the rain/wind protector and just dress your baby up and use blankets (easy if you have the car seat in) to make sure he’s warm… you can see him to make sure he stays okay!

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