I have been living off of powerbars as of late. I want something that I can just grab and eat when I’m hungry. I really have to get back on board with eating. Everything that I wanted when I was pregnant I still want to eat – I was hoping these weird habits would go away.

Looking back – the first couple of months cooked vegetables made me want to gag. I eat vegetables all the time so that was hard. Soon after I really got into cheese, and butter on english muffins. I still crave that now. I ate at least 2 pieces of chocolate everyday starting around month 3. I allowed myself to have some dunkin donuts chocolate munchkins when we had breakfasts at school and even stopped to get some at least once on the weekends. I also indulged in bagels and cream cheese on our friday breakfasts at school. It felt good to just eat whatever I wanted. I drank TONS of milk all throughout the pregnancy and I’m still into it now. In the last month, I craved Great Harvest white bread. It is a bread store in Wayne that has loaves of bread that are amazing. I worked there for about 2 months in college and would bring bread and granola home – it was right before I lost 25 pounds for crew and probably my last straw!

Getting back on track – I think oatmeal is good for breakfasts for now, lunch I’m still iffy about so I’ll take any advice (veggie burgers are usually easy but kind of boring and probably give the little guy gas). Dinner has been whatever people have made us – lasagna, pasta – nothing that is super healthy. Time to get back on track!

Last I checked on the scale I was 136, so 5 lbs up from pre-preg weight. I’m still not focusing on it yet, I feel pretty good and I am pretty sure the weight is going to come off once I am in super training mode. I ran 5.5 miles yesterday all split up between fussing, napping and eating sessions for Nick. It was kind of tiring for the first time in a while.



  1. Your doing amazing! I cant believe your almost back to pre-preg weight! Thats awesome! Way to go girl!!!

  2. what about soup? I love soup for lunch and it always seems to fill me up. Not that you have time, but if you made a bunch you could get yourself a few lunches out of it…Great job on the run!

  3. You deserve some rest with all your thinking about food and family! I agree with the oatmeal for breakfast! I just love having it every morning. i wonder if in the summer I wont want it as much because it is a warm food!

  4. Oh I am so worried about that! I definitely eat differently nowadays. It’s going to be hard to make those changes after the baby is here. Pre baby I had a lot of protein shakes, etc. I never eat those now! Bring on the toast with butter and jam and way too large servings of cereal! And oh the juice, I drink so much juice!!!

  5. You are doing such a great job. Remember to take some time for yourself, and you’ll be back on track in no time.

  6. Mama Simmons Reply

    Eat whatever you want right now (except broccoli- that might cause a problem with Nick. It did with Moana!). As long as you’re breastfeeding, you’re going to be eating a lot more than normal and your weight will be just fine. I promise! 🙂

  7. The Chapples Reply

    I agree with Mama Simmons. I am 7 pounds below my pre-preg weight and eat like a piggie. Running + breastfeeding = calorie burn.

  8. Oatbran is pretty good too . . mix in some honey . .yum! Not sure on this one, but poached eggs? Are you allowed to have them when you’re breastfeeding? They’re great on one of those Wholefoods brand wholewheat organic English muffins.Is it time for breakfast yet?? :o) Can’t believe you’ll be running Boston soon!

  9. I should check out epicurious.com. They have a ton of recipes – a lot of healthy stews, chilis, etc. Perhaps you can make a lot of it one day and eat it throughout the week.

  10. RunToFinish Reply

    holy cow already only 5lbs left…you are wonder woman!! I swear eating is totally habit, a few weeks of getting back to your fruits and veggies and that’s what you will crave.OHH maybe we can get a group together to do something? I did this nutritionathon last year which was just a thing to eat 2 veggies, 3 fruits and limit my sweets daily…so it wasn’t calories it was more about what I should eat. It helped..Just a thought!

  11. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    I also agree with Mama Simmons. I am still dropping weight and eating whatever I want – breastfeeding is amazing. I am 12 pounds below my pre-preg weight and I have not been trying. Now I’m actually trying not to lose mroe weight. You’ve got enough to worry about now – just eat what tastes good.

  12. I’m with Denise on the soup! Soup is the best food ever.I can’t believe you are only 5lbs away from pre-preggo weight. That’s crazy!My friend in SD is breast feeding like mad and running like 50 miles a week. I have never seen this girl eat so much. She ate the WHOLE time I was there, and whatever she could get her hands on (no veggies). And she is sooooo thin. Not that I am advocating breastfeeding as a diet, but I couldn’t help but notice how it worked.

  13. Chellie has Issues Reply

    First of all, once again I can’t believe your strength and love of working out. I know when I had newborns I was too sleep deprived to want to do anything but sleep. Being up only 5 lbs. from prepregnancy weight is again amazing! For eating anything you wanted, it sure wasn’t much of a gain. Again, must be all the crazy exercising. Remember that your hormones are still going crazy and will affect your cravings and the amount of food your and lil guy are needing.I’m glad you are enjoying staying home. I knew you would. I know you love to teach, but I bet you are having my fun with your lil man.

  14. I love oatmeal in the morning, so does Morgan. I usually get the quick oats, add a little brown sugar, and/or raisins and bananas. That stuff fills me up.Lunch, I agree with the previous posters with soup. I also love chicken sandwiches. I’ll usually cook off a whole chicken and use the meat for lunches.You are doing great.

  15. teacherwoman Reply

    Hey there chica! Thanks so much for the peanut butter! I got my package yesterday and had to try it right away! It is sooo yummy!Thanks again!

  16. I definitely agree with some of the others…don’t worry about how much you’re eating. Listen to your cravings, it’s your body telling you what it needs in some weird way; the same way it did when you were pregnant. Besides your bodies needs the energy since your breast feeding.Your body will be back to normal weight and size in no time, don’t stress. In the meantime, eat and rest.

  17. Okay, for the first month, eat whatever you want, I’d think. My weight was falling off then, AND I did not have the easy weight loss with breastfeeding some do. Actually, once I started watching what I was eating, it got harder!

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