10.5 miles in the bank today on the treadmill. Lucky me, I was able to run straight with Bill’s mom watching the baby while I ran. I went up and kept checking on him every so often. It was kind of nice though, because Bill and his dad went to the Villanova game and I really had no excuse not to run being left home with just Bill’s mom and a sleeping baby! I went through 2 GUs but man, GU just does not have the same appeal as it did when I was pregnant.

10.5 miles/1:38:40/9:22 pace

This run felt good. I felt like the second GU really kicked in towards the end so I pumped up the pace and did the last mile at 7.0mph which felt good, but I think my body may be a bit sore tomorrow. But it was a confidence builder. I’ll attempt a few more miles next week. I’m a little nervous of 15+ miles – trying to get outside for these but not going to think about that yet. I wonder how little of a long run I can do and still feel fine @ Boston. 18? I think its all a mindset but I do want to make sure I’m prepared.

I have to think of better recovery foods, I just eat veggie burgers and powerbars.

I’m trying to make it a bit over 30 miles for the week and feel pretty good. So far I have 28.6 miles completed (2 fun ones with BOB!)



  1. Mama Simmons Reply

    Oh you’re going to be completely fine at Boston. 18 mile long run is *plenty*.

  2. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    Great job on the run! I can’t believe Gu ever seemed appealing to you. Ick!

  3. How do you run more than an hour on the TM???? I did 7 miles on the TM today and had to stop due to being completely bored out of my mind. Plus I have the excuse that it makes my knees hurt….or something like that.

  4. Nice work. 10 miles on a treadmill is like 15 out on the open road….at least in my mind.Great work.

  5. You’re such an inspiration. It’s great that you have such a supportive family.Boston here you come!

  6. You are really coming along with your running and mileage! keep up the great work! Good thing Nick is such a good little boy!

  7. NICE!! Great run!! I’m glad you had some time to run and enjoy it with someone watching Nick. While 18 miles is a long run, there’s something to be said for those next 2 miles. At least I thought so. Would you be able to fit in at least one 20 right before you tapered?

  8. 18 was the longest i did for my first marathon…that should be plenty for what you want to accomplish. which, i might add, is amazing. i have yet to break 5 miles!

  9. That’s great that you were able to get out for a nice run. So, have you always been a strong long distance runner? Got any tips? I’ve been trying to increase my mileage but feel like I’m stuck in 5k mode.

  10. RunToFinish Reply

    I’m working on finding good recovery foods too. I am not very hungry right after some runs so that makes it a little harder

  11. TNTcoach Ken Reply

    Veggie burgers and Powerbars? I thought I was bad with my chips and Gatorade…

  12. DOOD! That’s AWESOME! I can’t believe you busted that out on the treadmill. You’re doing so great!How many more weeks do you have before you have to taper?18 might work, but I would try to squeeze in 20 if you could. But, this Boston is just for fun, so 18 may be fine.Soon, you’ll be running Boston for time! 🙂

  13. WOOO awesome job on the 10+ miler AND the 30 mile week! you are seriously amazing 🙂

  14. Villanova game?? Oooooh – tough loss to G-town!! :o)Awesome mileage – you are so inspiring!

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