5 wks out – up 6 lbs

Well… today confirmed my suspicion that my body rebounded so quickly as a result of working out throughout the 9 months. I met up with some girls from school that had babies in December and they can’t fit into their clothes – hips/abs and are still + 10 pounds up. I don’t have any issues with my hips – but Nick has a small head too, so… that might have helped! But, I feel like running all through the pregnancy totally helped me! I have been 5-6 pounds up from pregnancy weight since about 1 week out. I’m not dieting, just eating well and continuing my workouts/running/training!

I’ve been getting some questions so here is a brief recap.
How I handled the running throughout – a recap for all the future mommies:
I was already running 30-40 miles a week throughout the winter and spring and got pregnant late spring/early summer. My doctor said I was totally fine to continue running as long as I listened to my body. So, I continued to run through fatigue of the first trimester, energy burst of the 2nd trimester – still 30 – 40 miles. I did start being out of breathe in the first few months and my pace crept up, and in the second few, it stayed around the same, but went up at times. There were good days and bad days. I continued long runs on the weekends. The end of the first trimester my knees were a big problematic. Running was the same in the first trimester just slower and more being out of breath. Second trimester – as it got further into the pregnancy, some pains here and there like side stitches, and my achilles was bothering me at times. I took walk breaks whenever I needed it.

The third trimester I was still running, I was getting bigger, and my pace continued to slow. I could feel the baby moving but he wouldn’t move when I was running (until the few weeks I’d say- then I could feel him at times when running). I’d get side stitches and need to walk more often than the previous months. Throughout, I was going 10 to 12:30 minute miles up from 7:30 to 9 minute miles before I was pregnant. I kept up the mileage and hit 30 miles almost every week, and dropped some of the longer runs until more towards the end. I did my last long run on Jan 31 of 12 miles at 12:30ish pace, 6 days before Nick was born. My last run of a total of 5.5 miles (did half took a break and did the rest) – the run where I started getting back pains (labor/contractions!) was Wednesday afternoon Feb 4, he was born the morning of Feb 6. It was 11 min mile pace. Running – it could have helped me go into labor 2 weeks early!

It is pretty cool to look back at my mileage and training throughout and confirm that it was all worth it! I feel great, and I recommend staying in shape to any future mama – with approval of your doctor. I was probably one extreme – but I think any working out through the whole thing really helps! I thought my pregnancy was a breeze looking back. I feel like none of the bad things (besides that line down the belly) happened to me. I’d do it over again anyday! And definitely run through it again for sure. Overall – running with some walking mixed in when body not cooperative, being flexible, and slowing down is what I did!

Gross pic – the jello belly and line
lost: any definition
gained: a precious baby!

SMOOTHIE – today was more pink/purple than brown. Less spinach, less banana, berries, milk and soy milk, protein powder.



  1. RunToFinish Reply

    I’m out of naturally nutty and have decided it’s a good thing because if I can’t workout I shouldn’t be allowed to have it in the house…but look out in a few weeks when I can run.. I may be doing that 12 jar thing for free shipping!!! I just need another 50% off coupon too!

  2. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    I agree, working out during my pregnancy totally made it easier and so much easier to bounce back. I can’t imagine what those women who have to go on bedrest go through. And you were lucky, running didn’t make me go early. I couldn’t get the kid out of me no matter what I did.

  3. Thanks for sharing your story. It sounds like you did amazing things while listening to your body. Did it bother your knees, feet, etc. any more than usual?

  4. unathleticrunner Reply

    I have been looking for a blog like this forever! I am a runner that intends one day to be a prego runner. You have showed me it can work! WHOOOHOOO you to! Keep it up I look forward to reading your running experiences.

  5. You’re stomach looks fantastic! Don’t sweat the line. It will go away eventually. Hopefully in time for bikini season 😉

  6. I’m so excited to get pregnant soon, and I hope everything works out as well for me. :o)

  7. great post and thank you for all the tips and advice!!! I hope I can run as much as you when I am pregger someday. I totally agree, you look amazing. Most of my friends with babies are still trying to get their bodies back 6+ months out. You are so awesome!!! Do you think its helped having Boston to train for? If you didn’t have a goal out there would you be running less? I just was thinking that it was a great idea to have that lined up so it would keep you going.

  8. Chic Runner Reply

    Thanks for sharing these pictures with us. You look great and I’m glad you are able to run and look like you are back in shape already!

  9. unathleticrunner Reply

    PLEASE—Your stomach looks amazing! Keep up the good work! Your an inspiration 🙂

  10. jsmarslender Reply

    Echo on the running during pregnancy helping you to spring back after. I don’t weigh myself but I fit all of my pre-pregnancy clothes within a month after. Amazing to think about the body’s rebound. Enjoy your long run!

  11. you and your post prego baby look AWESOME!! enjoy your long run darlin!!!

  12. Jello belly?? You’re crazy!! You look great for having had a baby! Doesn’t even look like you had one!

  13. Thanks for summarizing. I am always telling people about you… almost bragging about you. 😛 I am so impressed and proud of you for keeping so fit and active during pregnancy. You are looking GOOD already! You rock.

  14. Pft running made you go into labor two weeks early. I was two weeks late despite running. Bite me. :pOkay, so your jelly belly, that’s about my belly now, 7 months later… I wouldn’t sweat it!

  15. Um, what jelly? You look A-MAZ-ING!You are an inspiration. Great post.

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