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Today, I don’t want to run. I ran the last 3 days and tomorrow is going to be a long run. I don’t know what to do with myself. Yoga? Wii fit? Lift the baby exercises? What is a good workout prior to a long run? I’m a bit stuck since I can’t take Nick to the gym yet and haven’t joined the Y to swim yet. Hm. ANy ideas? I can’t seem to brave the Y’s high fees when my gym is closer and less expensive. The only plus is they have a pool and my parents live 2 minutes away so they would watch Nick when we/ I work out.


Tomorrow I’m meeting Abby to do 14 miles, maybe more, but doubtful. I’m nervous – not about the distance but the logistics and how my night goes! I may be a zombie in the morning! Also I’m planning to pump before and after – is this my best bet? I may feed Nick around 6 or 7 and meet to run at 8:30. Do I need to pump right before running, say it will take 2 to 2.5 hours. Let me know your thoughts mamas out there. I’m totally nervous about the logistics but am excited to go do a long run outside!

I decided I’m going to try(key word) to cook 3-4 meals on Sunday for the week. If you have any good ones (healthy and don’t have to be veggie but those are preferred!) please share!

Have a great weekend to all!



  1. DC Running Mama Reply

    If after your last feeding it will be 4 hours or less until you can pump/feed again, then I would just go for the run. If it is going to be longer than 4 hours, I would pump for 15 minutes.Re: healthy recipes…I LOVE Southern Living’s Chicken Burritos. You can freeze the chicken/blackbean/corn/cheese/sour cream/cilantro mixture and then eat it day of. I also love Fix It and Forget It Lightly’s pot roast!!

  2. Have a wonderful run with Abby tomorrow! The three of us will have to get in a run together soon. Comcast on demand has some good 20 – 40 minute yoga and pilates videos – I think these are always good pre-long run bets. Some of them are more aerobically challenging than others too, so you do feel like you’re getting more than just stretching. And regarding your cooking – how about making lasagna (I recently made one with zucchini, eggplant, and mixed peppers). I love it because I got a ton of meals out of it and freezes easily- something I’m sure you as a new mom would appreciate!

  3. I was going to suggest lasagna too. I use whole wheat noodles, organic sauce, low fat cottage cheese, egg plant, and spinach. Mmmm.

  4. good luck tomorrow!!! you will do great 🙂 my friend pumps every couple hours, I have NOOO idea but sounds like doing it before might be the safe bet 🙂

  5. how often is he eating? That’s how I would try to pump…so maybe a half hour if not closer to when you have to run…then right when you’re done.

  6. The Chapples Reply

    Before a long run, I feed Baker right before I head out the door and then soon after I get back (usually feed him every 3 hours). I don’t know if you have started a freezer stash of pumped milk, but I usually remind my husband to dig into that if Baker needs to eat before I get home. Gives me peace of mind that I won’t have a starving child at home. I pump most mornings after Baker’s first feed and every time I miss one (like when the sitter is here and gives him a bottle).

  7. Have fun on the run tomorrow. It is great that you have someone to run with for the 14.

  8. RunningLaur Reply

    Healthy premade recipe: Alton Brown’s potstickers from FoodTV. I use park ground pork part ground turkey to cut out some of the fat but still have the good pork taste. They can be frozen (space them out on a cutting board or wax paper in the freezer and then bag once frozen through), and can be cooked straight from the freezer in about 5 minutes. 1 min in the pan, 3 steaming, and then 1 more sticking to the pan. I always have some in the freezer for instant dinner 🙂

  9. I always cook enough protein on Sunday to get us a few meals. Then I make sure to make a side that we can get one leftover out of. So I only really have to cook 2-3 times during the week. Last week I made chicken in the crock pot. We shredded it one night, had it on salads another, ate it as is the other night…

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