30 DAY SHRED -what do you know about it? I’ve definitely heard people talk about it and just found it free on fios ON demand (new hobby).

On demand has tons of free workouts – Thanks Ali! I’m now considering quitting the gym!

What workout do you do?
I was feeling kind of sore so I did some yoga and an easy 2 miles.

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  1. The day after a long run I usually stretch and relax. :o)I have the full 30 Day Shred, and while good, it’s cerainly not a substitute cardio workout for the hard core runner. I do level 2 and 3 at a time. That way 40 minutes is at least semi-comparable to a normal workout. The strength is pretty good (especially the arms), but the cardio is weak. I think it’s more set up for the person who has trouble motivating themselves to do any kind of working out. Not necessarily the kind who will kick out 14 miles on a Saturday afternoon.Jillian doesn’t bother me like she does some people, but of the workout girls makes me crazy. The “easy” girl has a sick set of abs, but the “hard” girl totally cheats and halfasses it, and it makes me irrationally angry. Like, for real.If nothing else, it gives you a couple good moves to incorporate into your own workout without the video.I vote you give it a try if it’s free. You may really like it.

  2. The Happy Runner Reply

    I love the Shred videos. I usually do 2 of them, too, 1&2, 1&3, 3&2, whatever. I've started to do the Jillian Michaels' No More Trouble Zones and really like that, too. It is on-demand and there is a 40 min version and a 60 min one.

  3. RunToFinish Reply

    i tried out the shred on the free exercise channel and personally really liked it.. it kicked my butt…though I should probably do multiple segments to make it feel like enough weight work. I just like the cross training she does.

  4. Ive done shred with my boyfriends sister Stephanie. ITS SUPER insane. I about died half way though but it was a killer workout. I think you will love it.I ran my long run for the week of 8 miles and i’m trying to figure out what i should to today too. Any ideas? Let me know if youve got any!! 🙂 Have a good day!

  5. I’ve been meaning to try the Shred on demand. I’m more interested in Karoke on demand, however.The day after a long run I do anything but run. “Active recovery.”

  6. Ha! I have been hearing SO MUCH about the Shred, that I bought it. I just started on Sunday. It’s split into strenth, cardio and abs. I’ve used it as a quick workout to get my heart pumped. It is really kicking my butt though!

  7. Chic Runner Reply

    I haven’t personally used the shred dvd but I do have 2 biggest loser workout videos and they work so well. I also have a “fittv” channel and I love it! I always record shows from there.

  8. jsmarslender Reply

    Doesn’t the day after a long run sometimes feel good? A little ache, muscles just stiff enough to remind you how far your ran yesterday. I usually do less miles at a slower pace.

  9. Mama Simmons Reply

    this weekend I did long run Saturday and followed it up with long bike (55 miles) Sunday. My legs were shot from the beginning of the ride though so not sure I’d recommend that method!!That being said, today is easy day- yoga and core work. Sometimes swimming. I don’t know anything about that workout… Or on- demand tv for that matter! I’ll have to check it out!

  10. The day after a long run (15 or more miles, usually) I force myself to do nothing. Although I want to go for a run!

  11. Alicia Parr Reply

    I like to ride my bike nice and easy the day after a long run, not that I’m running anything long enough to worry about that right now. But that’s what I used to do. Stretching and yoga are great too.

  12. EVERYONE has been talking about these workouts on OnDemand. I finally tuned in and flipped around a bit. I found a few good ones I am going to have to try.

  13. I have done the Shred before but I do not recommend doing it every day like Jillian Michaels recommends. First of all, it’s not good for muscle recovery to do strength training workouts on consecutive days. I also noticed that my knees get really sore and weak when I do her workouts. And I have great knees! So, just be careful. Especially post-partum with all your ligaments still being relaxed from those pregnancy hormones. That being said, it’s a decent workout in a short amount of time.The day after my long run, I do an easy, slow recovery run of 4-6 miles. And eat a great deal of cereal.

  14. I just got it last week and I’ve used level 1 twice. I’ve noticed that my arms get tired so quickly with level 1 because she has you do a lot of reps. I am a little disappointed with how little it works my legs. Still, it’s a quick way to work your arms!

  15. i usually rest the day after a long run 🙂 i love shred! i quit the gym and just use that and my weights at home… works well for me, esp having a TM at home just incase.

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