I wasn’t a smart runner today. I was starving and so thirsty! I set out to do 16 miles down in Philly at Kelly Drive. Well, when I woke up I was praying Abby had texted me an cancelled. But, she didn’t. On I went. The thought of doing a loop, then turning around and running back seemed mentally good to me, so I planned to meet Abby who was doing around 12-14. She brought her friend Bess and we met at 8:30 at Lloyd Hall and were off. There was a 5k race down there this morning and a regatta so it was busy! We started off at a quick sub 9 pace and held that for a bit. It felt fine, but I knew I couldn’t hold that pace. After about 3-4 miles, I started to lag behind. I was definitely slowing them down! At around the halfway point, I turned to finish my 16 and Abby and Bess kept going to complete their 12-14. I had a vanilla bean GU and shortly after started to experience stomach pains. I drank my one water bottle in about 3 sips. I definitely did not have enough water, and didn’t realize all the fountains were off or taken out for the winter which was very sad.

I took several walk breaks and my pace was REALLY slow. The first 1/2 was around 8:45 average and in the end my average was over 10, so I REALLY slowed! Around mile 12-13 I was really really thirsty. I ran past the regatta, our school had a tent, and at least it kept my mind off the running while I looked for any students that I knew – didn’t see any. My knees were also bothering me – this is very bad. With 2 miles left my shoulders started hurting (damn Jillian workout that I did yesterday – I love how she says “I WANT YOU TO FEEL LIKE YOU ARE GOING TO DIE.” Awesome!) With about 1.5 miles to go I hoarded the bag of sport beans that I had and was dreaming of water. Stupid stupid me. I had to go back out 1/4 mile to make it to 16 miles since the course is 7.75ish each lap. I finally finished and was so happy to be done! I chugged the bottle of water in my car and couldn’t wait to get home for more. I ate a powerbar immediately!! And when I got home, I hoarded food all day long. I wasn’t as dead as I was last week, and didn’t have to pass out during the afternoon as I did last week on a bed that wasn’t even made.

I’m a bit nervous if my knees will hold up in 4 weeks. I think I just need to run slowly and stretch well for the next 4 weeks!

This week 40.6 miles

Today’s run 16 miles/2:44:46/10:18

* Thank you for all of your experiences and advice on my big upcoming decision!



  1. Way to keep building up the mileage. Take care of you knee, don’t forget to ice it.

  2. hang in there girl… sometimes we just all need to be reminded why we carry water, etc. you still did great and finished up a tough 16 miler!hope the knees feel better, take care of them!!

  3. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    I think we all have one of those stupid long runs in our past. All you can do is learn from it. Hopefully your knee feels better!

  4. I did something kind of like this a couple of weeks ago . . sort of. I was supposed to do (what is for me) a long run on a Saturday morning of 6-7 miles to build up my mileage per trainer’s instructions. However I also needed to pick a CD up from my dance teacher so then I thought, I;m there might as well take the 1pm 90 minute class. That was it for me – I did swim (poorly) for half an hour on Sunday, but I was wiped for the rest of the weekend and also Monday. Got a talking-to from my trainer and my husband!But can definitely relate to the need to finish! That’s a great time!!

  5. jsmarslender Reply

    Those are tough runs. I hope your knees hold up. I need to stretch more too – hope that helps you.

  6. Training yourself mentally is just as important as physical, and today you put in some work! Way to gut it out.

  7. Maybe it’s something about the 16 – that was the one that I crashed on, too.Great to run with you today – I’m loving our long runs together again!

  8. Thats still a pretty decent 16miler! Awesome job. I thought i was gonna drink myself to death because i was so thirsty after my run!great job though!!! 🙂

  9. That is great that you weren’t as tired as last week. Shows that you are improving! Keep up the good work!

  10. Maybe you need to take the long runs at a slower pace. The whole point of them is to get used to being on your feet. From what I’ve read, you’re suppose to run them a about a minute slower than your marathon pace.

  11. lifestudent Reply

    I cant believe how awesome you are doing post baby!!!! There are obviously some ups and downs, but its to be expected. You are amazing 🙂

  12. I still maintain that you are a rockstar for running this much after having a baby. Take care of those knees!

  13. At least it was a training run and not the actual race. Although I suppose the race would have water stops. But in any event, you finished and next time you’ll be better prepared.Don’t get hung up over it, just make sure you recover from it, especially with the breast feeding…you need to stay hydrated!

  14. You are doing great! I think you are being too hard on yourself. In response to your previous post, I say if you can crunch the numbers to make it work, take the year for sure!

  15. Sounds like you had a good character run – they always are great to look back on in similar situations. Then you can say to yourself “if i got through that, i can get through this”!

  16. Wow, way to push through a tough run. You got the distance in though! With a little hydration you would have felt better I’m sure. I’ve learned that lesson several times too! Great job out there. 🙂

  17. I’m so amazed by you and your training- what a great role model for all future running moms! Hope your knee feels better soon.

  18. RunToFinish Reply

    this is really the first tough run you’ve had, so I would say no worries! You’ll have your grove back on your next long run and be ready to enjoy Boston for sure!

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