Yes, you heard it here. The girl that ran through her pregnancy and didn’t lack in motivation woke up today and I didn’t feel like running. I got a through a crappy 8 mile run on the treadmill but the whole time was a drag. I couldn’t wait for it to be over and it felt like a pregnant run all over again. I wanted to stop and take walk breaks and had to reason with myself that it would take much longer if I did. I guess we have good days and bad, so hopefully some better days are ahead for me!

I don’t think it is the best idea to train for a marathon a few months after having a baby – just for anyone out there considering that idea! A 5k, 10k, even 10 miler would be perfect : )

I’m also over feeling like I’m still pregnant. I hate my stomach and I feel like I’m being a good eater and I still feel like I have a pregnant belly. I’m not dropping any weight, and I don’t feel like I’m over-eating. I may start keeping track to make sure I’m not, but I can’t cut calories much anyway since I need to feed my kiddo!

I took a little smoothie hiatus but they are back. Today was blueberries, flax, banana, spinach and protein powder + milk.



  1. Don’t worry about your stomach, 6 weeks is not that long! It will get much better in time!

  2. Next time, embrace the lack of motivation – hang out with Nick on the couch and watch a movie! 🙂

  3. Mama Simmons Reply

    It’ll help when you start getting more solid sleep! And I promise your abs will return at some point. Promise. 😉

  4. hang in there girl!! wow 8 miles on the TM when you didnt want to run… no way i could have done that!

  5. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but it’s true that if it takes you 9 months to put it on, it’s going to take a good amount of time to take it off. Go easy on yourself. I weigh less than I did pre-pregnancy and am in better shape than I was in high school, thanks to running and chasing a little boy everywhere. You’ll get there, and you won’t believe how great your arms will look from lifting that baby all the time.

  6. Helen/H1202 Reply

    Hang in there, Natalie! I have some info I think might cheer you up that I learned when I first became a mom. 1: Our bodies are designed for the first four months to hold on to every ounce of fat/protein/carb energy they can get their ‘hands’ around, as a design to protect the infant by aiding in producing breast milk. So the weight will not just drop right off until after month 4, and even if you try it often just backfires. You will lose, but not with the level of rapidity we all dream / hope for. So you are doing GREAT. And trust me, after month 4, especially if you are still breast feeding, watch and see!!2: Your uterus will not shrink down until a couple months AFTER you give birth. That’s what the belly is – it isn’t really just fat. And that too will go away, but it takes some time. I am awed that you would take on a marathon so soon after giving birth, and that you maintained such fitness throughout your pregnancy. You did a phenomenal job taking care of your body and of Nicholas’ during that entire time. Now you need to give yourself a break and let your body recover. And it will. I promise!

  7. Try not to worry about the stomach…although I know it must be hard. Sounds like you really need a rest day. Those hard runs are telling us something. I wish I could say something to cheer you up!

  8. After reading Helens comment above it makes sense. maybe try some speed work of sorts but mainly just stay with what feels good for you. Increasing the intensity for 30-60 second repeats might be helpful!

  9. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    Do not worry about the weight. Eat what feels right. It’s only been 6 weeks! You are doing amazing. Your body won’t let you lose the weight too quickly because you need it to feed Nick.And if you are feeling burnt out, don’t run. You’ve got all the miles in the bank you need. Anything you do in what little time you have to yourself right now should be fun and bring you joy.

  10. teacherwoman Reply

    Sorry to hear about the running… and the lack of motivation.On the other hand, the smoothie sounds wonderful!

  11. Don’t sweat it! Even the most motivated people have days where they just DON’T want to run! **I HOP** Your more motivated than i! 8 miles would be the worst if i didn’t want to run. Your awesome runner bod will be back soon enough… give it time! 🙂

  12. Awww, don’t be too hard on yourself. The stomach thing will take care of itself over time. Maybe not what you’re used to, but I have seen plenty of athletic moms with amazing abs it will happen.We all have those days. You’re doing great!

  13. i love helen who commented! you know i’m in the same situation…well, minus the marathon! but i agree that you’ll do the marathon so if you need a break, take it. i’ve taken more “off” days than i want to, but somehow it’s ok…jelly belly and all. i just want to hang out with pickle!! yet i’m not giving up fitness, just maintaining rather than pushing. eh, it’s a mental shift for sure.

  14. RunToFinish Reply

    maybe you actually need a day off? I know that’s crazy talk…but maybe your body was saying hey today I’d like a mocha, a pedi and a nap. 🙂

  15. I think its normal and you deserve a day off! I find a bad run usually means I have a great run the next time out!

  16. Hang in there. Your stomach will get back to normal, you just have to give it a little more time. Just keep taking it day by day, Boston is almost here. After you can take some much need time to relax and not have to stick to a running schedule. You are doing great, no worries.

  17. DC Running Mama Reply

    I went thru a period of not wanting to run as much. I took it as a sign to take a break. You are pushing your body pretty hard so soon after having a baby. Maybe take a couple of days off and do the elliptical. It’s not like you are gonna PR at Boston and jeez if you feel bad about your time you can say you ran it TWO FREAKING MONTHS after having a baby and that will shoot you into supersyar status in no time! Re: jelly belly, give ot more time. Four months until real weight loss sounds about right!

  18. Glad you found my blog. Nick is such a cutie!!! Don’t forget to listen to your body and on days you don’t feel like running, just take a look at Nick and it will make all your worries go away 🙂 Good luck at Boston!

  19. Progman2000 Reply

    Ok, not sure what the current statistic is, but I am pretty sure it is something like .01 percent of the population has ran a marathon. If you filter that further by the amount of people who ran one within X months after the miracle of child birth, I’m sure the number is exponentially smaller – like “odds of hitting the powerball” small. So I think it’s ok if you have a day here and there where you feel a little off, taking care of a newborn is like marathon training by itself!

  20. Jennifer Burgett Reply

    Your body will come back, with time. Make sure you are eating enough to sustain the baby through your breastmilk. If you lose weight too quickly, your milk supply will suffer. I know you are training for the marathon, but maybe you just need a break!

  21. The Happy Runner Reply

    I went on a beach vacation when my son was 10 weeks old and I look at the pictures from then and gag! I’m still so puffy in the mid section. But, pictures from a month later look a lot better. So, it’s only a matter of time before you are back (6 weeks is nothing, btw!).

  22. Hang in there. 8 miles is 8 miles. Lake of motivation days usually lead to 0 miles for me. :o)

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