Thanks for your assistance on this stressful decision! A few things I’ve looked into but are not options:

– our district doesn’t offer job share or part time jobs
– I can’t go back for the 4 weeks as a trial period and then not go back in Sept (ideal I think)

My thoughts are teaching an education course at a college where I only need my masters, continuing tutoring 2-3 times a week, and/or starting some kind of side business. I think in my heart I do want to go back to work, but, I feel that it isn’t the best decision for Nick, and I think that he should come first. I’m sure that I can be happy either way? I feel that I’d question my decision more if I went back and feel more guilty about it, whereas if I stay home, I’ll just be out of my comfort zone and miss my job.

I got an email from a student today – and they expect me to be back May 1. The subject was: COME BACK!!! She was a great student in one of my classes, and her email then said something about the sub not even yelling at her when she had her cell phone out (I was nuts about cell phones in class and always confiscated them). That was hilarious. I feel like I am deserting my classes, it is kind of sad. I wrote back that I may not be back and she wrote – YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO US!!
Breaks my heart.

Yesterday I did an easy treadmill 3 miles and today I met Abby for an 8 mile run on the trail.
It went really well sub 9 pace which is like a tempo run for me right now. She also made me some rosemary bread to carb-load for this weekend’s long run (a 10 mile race + 8 or 10 more miles to add on). It is delicious! I signed up for the 10 miler this weekend which is the same course as the marathon so I plan to stop, get a water break and my medal for the 10 miler and then trudge on to finish 18 or 20 miles with the marathoners. So I’ll be a partial bandit.



  1. Mama Simmons Reply

    Regarding going back to work or not… what does your husband think? In the end, that may end up being of importance, because if you end up choosing to stay home and then later he’s bugging you about $$ or going back to work or whatever that could cause a lot of stress. In my case, Scott really wanted me to be home with Moana and never got too excited when I would bring up potential job opportunities… so that really makes me feel better about being home- knowing that I have his full support, ya know? It matters that we are in agreement in this area, because raising a new baby can put some stress on a marriage, as you know already I’m sure. 😉

  2. Chic Runner Reply

    Good luck with your decision. I will be thinking of you! 🙂 Nice job being a bandito too!

  3. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    Go with your gut. You’ll always question your decision but go with decision that feels right. Pro/con lists will get you know where. Just trust your instincts.

  4. Good luck with your decision. I am actually in the process of making the same one. One thing to consider is which one will make you happy. A happy momma is the best momma.

  5. I agree with Mama Simmons. What does your hubby think? Good luck with the 10miler, your gonna rock it girl!!! 🙂

  6. not that it matters but i don’t get why they won’t let you go back for the 4 weeks to finish the school year. can’t you go and not tell them til after that you won’t come back in sept??

  7. I’m sure it’ll all work out for you. Good luck with your decision, and good luck this weekend!

  8. Good luck making this very tough decision. That’s got to be hard to feel like you’re deserting your class kids, but honestly..if you went back in May, it would be just in time for summer break anyway. They will miss you but it sounds like in your heart you want to be home with Nick.

  9. Good luck making that decision. It’s not an easy one, but I’m sure whatever you decide will be right for you!

  10. Agree with mama and nicole. I’ve been 25hrs/week since brayden was born and started thinking about going back to 30hrs or more when he turns 1. Tim put a stop to that idea, he said there was no reason to rush it, that the kids were happy and I was happy and the money was not an issue because we could still afford small luxuries every now and then. His input is vital.And yes, adding children, no matter how loved and wanted they are, does cause stress in a marriage so don’t create any additional stress unnecessarily.

  11. Good luck with this decision. I think you are a good person and a great mommy no matter what. :)Good luck with the race/run this weekend!

  12. Chellie has Issues Reply

    I feel your stress and worry. I knew that you would love staying home. You don’t realize it until you’ve had that baby. Teachers at least have a pretty good schedule for being moms, but the thought of leaving that little baby makes mommies feel so guilty. If you have other options and your family can manage it finacially and still have medical benefits, I’d advice take at least a years leave of absence. I wanted to so badly, but finacially and with my benefits being the most affordable, I went back. He lived and was fine going to daycare, but I hated dropping him off when he’d cry for mommy. I knew he’d be fine as soon as I left, but it killed me inside. I know you and your hubs will know what’s right for your family. And by the way, I nursed my oldest for a year, and it was no picnic only h aivng a half an hour lunch and I spent all of it in a bathroom hooked up to a pump! Luckily my principal was cool and let me eat my lunch in class!

  13. The Happy Runner Reply

    Good luck with the decision! And I hope the race went well!!

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