I need a serious foot massage. I thought it was that I needed new shoes – the reason why the bottom of my feet were sore like I ran 100 miles at one shot – everytime that I run, but shoes aren’t the culprit. So.. why do the bottom of my feet hurt – when I’m running and I feel that I need a massage ALL the time??

2 weeks to go till Boston!



  1. Mine felt like that before I got some serious plantar faciitis. I would start rolling your foot on a tennis ball to keep it stretched out.Boston in two weeks? Wow that came up so fast!

  2. teacherwoman Reply

    I have no idea why your feet are hurting like that. Sorry I am no help. Let’s hope that Carly’s suggestion helps and it doesn’t lead to PF.

  3. do you have flat feet?? Do you wear insoles or anything? It could be that! Hope you figure out what it is!

  4. I have one of those tubey things (you know ummmmm . . resistance bands! Sorry – it’s been a long day!) and I stretch one leg out to the side and put the tubing just under the ball of my foot and then flex and pull at the same time. Switch. Can also do with a towel. I was notoriously bad at stretching post-run and ended up hurting my foot and having to take two weeks off b/c of it – needless to say lesson learned! The other thing is rolling your feet under a dryer ball (those spiky balls that replace dryer sheets). Post Boston you should treat yourself to a really good pedicure with foot massage included!Hope they feel better soon!

  5. Maybe its a random bad pair of shoes? Ya know like faulty? I dont know. Just a thought. Do you have another pair of shoes you could try to see? Hopefully you figure it out sooner or later!

  6. Not really sure what would be making your feet hurt, but I would try stretching your feet,and maybe icing them. How are the shoes you wear when you aren’t running? They may be factoring in as well.

  7. I was reading an old issue of Runner’s World (Nov 2008 I think) and there was an article in there on something called “seismoiditis”. Apparently this is a pretty common condition that hits runners when their mileage goes up. The good news is that it is treatable. The two things they recommend is to stretch the foot by wrapping a towel or cord around it while sitting and pulling the foot up towards you with your leg straight. The other is to put about a pound of coins in a sock, tie a knot in the sock, then thread the sock between your big toe and the one next to it. While sitting with the foot handing off the floor point your toes and then lift as high as you can, hold for a second, then go back down. Do sets of 10 or something, and Bob’s you uncle.I’m sure if you look up “seismoiditis” on google or on RunnersWorld.com you will be able to read the same article and give it a go.Good luck!

  8. Helen/H1202 Reply

    Hi Natalie – in addition to all of the above – great info there – DEFINITELY at least try some of the over-the-counter inserts to see if it helps. Your feet are all different now from carrying Nicholas – still, even though it’s been a while. I bought Life Fitness ones for $11 at CVS – they are gel inserts with two kinds of arch supports you can peel and stick/switch off. They are INCREDIBLE. Since then I did get professional ortho inserts, but the Life Fitness ones are so great I have found that using them together and pulling out the original insert works like a dream. Good luck – H.

  9. Weird. I’ve never had this happen so I can’t help you out with this one!

  10. Odd. And you’ve never had this issue before? Perhaps you need to mix up your running surface. A couple runs on grass or something softer than concrete might help. Good luck!

  11. RunToFinish Reply

    hmmm i like the massage idea, but this kinda sounds like a bigger issue…have you considering getting an xray just to double check everything?

  12. fyi it’s spa week coming up in philly! april 13 – 19, $50 spa treatments at tons of local places… why not treat yourself to a pre-race massage? go to http://www.spaweek.com to find a place nearby… (wow i sound like a commercial!)

  13. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    I have no idea where your feet hurt but ENJOY YOUR TAPER!

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