It can’t rain on Monday!!! If it rains then my family outside cheering will dwindle and Nick will probably stay inside. Think a good thought for the rain to stay away!!!

Day 2’s focus is sleep. This is a funny one! I took a nap yesterday with Nick, but a full night of uninterrupted sleep would be amazing. He’s doing great – around 6 hours at a stretch with one wake up in between just kind of waking up, but not eating. I feel tired though. I’m trying to maximize sleep the next 5 days! I know I’ll be fine since I’ve been doing the long runs on the weekends but it will be a long day Monday! It starts at 10:30 but we get on the buses around 7am. Interesting logistics for me!

Today’s run was 6 miles, with 2 miles warmup, 3 miles at 9:00 and 1 mile cooldown.
Nick is so good when I run. It is usually when he is sleeping but when he wakes up, he hangs out. He’s only sabataged 1 or 2 of my runs and one of them I wanted it to be over! He’s an angel.

I’m a bit nervous about what shoes to wear, my strange feet are sore. They are sore when I wake up in the morning and after running and feel really good if I go on tippy-toes to stretch them out, or massage them. I’ve alternated shoes (3 pairs) and I can’t tell if one pair is the culprit or what. So I don’t know which ones I’ll wear!

My bib # is 22110

Still drinking water, now working on sleep, tomorrow – cut out fat.

I haven’t had a smoothie in some time… I overdid them too many days in a row and ran out of fruits, I do need to get to the produce store. Oatmeal has been my morning staple with some PB and flax, but I need some variety. That will be my focus next week!



  1. The weathermen are usually wrong. Hopefully, it won’t be a rainy marathon.

  2. Bess and I figured out how to follow the race online – can’t wait to see how it goes!!

  3. no rain!!!YAY I need to start making a list of all the bib numbers to track 🙂

  4. jsmarslender Reply

    I’m wishing you the best with the taper (hoping for good sleep) and the marathon (no rain, no wind!). My feet got weird last week – our bodies have a bit of relaxin leftover from pregnancy and that might be what’s making your feet feel sore. Oh enjoy, enjoy. I’m wanting a race right now so I’m living vicariously…

  5. I’ll be following you and a bunch of friends on line! Can’t wait…wish I was there running with you!!

  6. Yea!! Deinitely sign up for Philly!! Maybe we can meet up for a run before then. 😉

  7. Before you know it, that kiddo will be a teen and you’ll have to drag his butt out of bed (this is the day that I’m hoping for HAHA!)

  8. Your’e getting so close! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for beautiful weather.

  9. I hate running in the rain! You will rock on Monday! Good luck with all of your prep!

  10. please do a boob post so i know how they handled race day! i’m curious…and looking forward to the days when that is no longer an issue!

  11. Angela and David Kidd Reply

    Good luck with all of the pumping and logistics. It sure is a lot to think about!I hope Nick cooperates on the sleep front and I’ll be sending good weather vibes your way.

  12. Ok so I am kind of a nerd and I love numbers and so when I saw your bib number I was like ooooh that is so cool! Ok so maybe i am weird but I think it means you are going to run great in Boston and have a great time!

  13. I'm SENDING you no rain vibes. I <3 your bib number too! 22110… i think this number will bring you good luck! :)I've been trying to comment on your "Its a boy" blog but my computer goes bonkers and freaks out when i'm on that page. Strange. SO i'll share all of my nick lovin on here instead.Oh and about me eating mcdoanlds. I have the worst diet. All i eat is crap. If a person knew how much crap I ate, they would probably faint. Thank god i run so much or it would go straight to my booty. If i actually ate healthy for once in a lifetime, I might be a better runner!

  14. teacherwoman Reply

    You mentioned that you kind of miss work… I would be the same if I were you. I love teaching, but like you said, there’s no room for complainers, people who don’t work hard, or difficult parents… these three things have been the “story of my life” this week… Makes me wish I were on maternaty leave! LOL. You will be back… when you’re ready!

  15. The Happy Runner Reply

    Good weather, good weather, good weather, good weather…Many positive vibes heading your way!

  16. Good Luck !Running Boston.. rain or shine, you are running the BOSTON MARATHON!

  17. You will rock it rain or shine…make sure you sign up for the text messages for your husband. They will tell him when you pass each check in. That way maybe he can wait inside a restaurant or something with your son until you are close. Its looking though like the rain may hold off until the afternoon. You’ll be finished by then!!!

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