I have done the bare minimum to switch my blog over to Word Press by importing my posts. I am going to try it out before coming fully over here, but for a few reasons, and mostly with my family blog that I use almost every day, I am ready to make a switch.  It also seems like most of my blogger buddies have switched over and that Word Press is pretty cool so I want to check it out!

This weekend we headed away for a wedding that Bill is in.  When we arrived here, I realized I forgot just about every accessory needed for what I’m wearing this weekend – bra, jewelry, purse, stockings… and that I’m in the beer gut pregnancy stage where you just don’t look good or cute! The good news is that I have all of my running stuff – phew! That would have been a REAL tragedy! Being away for the last two weekends – which I consider the start to the Christmas season – has been a bummer. I can’t wait to be home on the weekend – when Bill is home too – and baking Christmas cookies, finish decorating our tree, and taking the kids out for Christmas fun! Here are some pictures from our tree decorating:

I got accepted to Pinterest – geesh, that was a process. I think it took over a week, was it like a try out? Are you on there? I really have no idea how to follow people or get people to follow me 🙂




  1. I like the new look- so cheerful and clean! Yes- unfortunately, I think the only way to change the font or other things that don’t come with the “theme” you choose is to purchase the custom options. I also used the RSS feed to link to other blogs (instead of the blogroll) as it was the only way I could find to display their most recent post, if that makes sense. But other people may know more… feel free to email me if you have questions, it was a bit time consuming sorting that out! peifer(at) gmail.com

  2. Good luck with the switchover! I like the new look 🙂 It’s much easier to read!

  3. Hi there, I’m on wordpress too. My favorite thing has got to be how you can answer directly to a post, and even have an all ongoing conversation on it.
    I’m still learning about it though. I use blogger for my non running blog.
    I’m on pinterest http://pinterest.com/frenchyncarolin/
    I find it good for recipes, maybe travel too but I haven’t really used it too much lately.

  4. I know lots of people have switched. I haven’t been brave enough to do it, but may have to look into it soon.

    You crack me up about the beer gut belly! You are one of those really cute pregnant women so I don’t know why you think that 😛

    It won’t take you long to figure out Pinterest. It’s addicting! I couldn’t find you, but here’s my page: http://pinterest.com/charip/

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