Ten things Tuesday –

1- Kara turned 18 months this weekend! She ate cooked broccoli and kale for the first time straight up, woohoo!! (pretty picky eater up to this point)

Another food she & Nick enjoyed – Mama Pea’s Cinnamon Toast Crunch

2 – I finished out the week with 25 miles but running fast on Thursday killed my quads for the entire weekend. I was hoping to do a 10-miler and then was way too sore Saturday morning. I broke it up and did 3 on Sat and 7 on Sunday. Monday I felt like I should have taken a day off but wanted to do something. I ran a couple of miles – then had side stitches and hopped on the elliptical.  Seems like it’s going to be a bad running week due to the position of the baby – way too many cramps right now.  Going on 25 weeks and ready to have my body back and would love to sprint on the treadmill and sweat hard!

3 – I tried SEITAN for the first time at home. I’ve tried it out but bought it and followed a recipe for tortilla soup. It was tasty, but I find that I have to watch the soy aspect and would rather eat soy-less items.

4 – How much time to you really spend with your kids? I’ve been thinking alot about how much time I actually spend with the kids on the floor playing without doing anything else. I think about this often and sometimes feel guilty and selfish that I’m trying to multi-task most of the time.  I’ve had a couple of bad days lately where I can’t even function being a mom and feel awful about it!

5 – I have to decide for pre-school for next year (when Nick is 3.5) – I love the school he is in, but I don’t like the schedule. Right now he goes two days in a row, and next year is 2 or 3 days in a row. I feel like he’ll be in school for the next 16 years so 3 days seems like alot to have to get up and out the door at age 3. Also,  I can’t imagine taking 3 kids – out the door- to go to school.

6 – My new mission is the toddler educational aspect and the playroom is fully decorated with a calendar, days of the week, numbers and letter of the week.   Here are some more ideas for the 3-year old age.  I love this blog!

7 – Nick is now using “I have to go potty” as an excuse at bedtime. He used to not pass the threshold of his door but now he walks out and says he has to go the bathroom. Sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night too!  We’re all set with the big boy pants and no accidents, but I hear the night time training is a whole other thing.

8- I officially miss my treadmill. Sometimes I just can’t run what I want to in the morning and would love to have the option to run a couple of miles at naptime. It’s in the basement in pieces.  We’ve now been living in our temporary location for almost 3 months. We haven’t found any houses and while things are fine, I am really anxious to be settled and know where all our stuff is. I thought I did a decent job packing the boxes but still can’t find things. It’s the worst! I hope something comes up soon – I’d rather move with 2 kids than 3!

9 – Is being a full time working mom better for your marriage than being a stay-at-home mom? Of course I got every angle from some people at work when I went in for a meeting last week which made me think about this.  This lady started off with ” if you can afford it you should stay home” and 5 minutes later said “it is better for your family if both parents work. Your husband doesn’t want to come home hearing about how many diapers you changed and your day.” Um, alright.
I’m doing a couple of different part-time jobs that will now bring me to school once a week. It is always a really weird feeling and I feel like I’m having an identity crisis.  I would love to know your thoughts.

10 – What are you making for dinner this week??

Oh and I haven’t had the chance to try experimenting for a homemade Z bar recipe yet, but I found this Luna one!!


4 thoughts on “Ten things Tuesday –

  1. Thanks for sharing the educational blog. Some great stuff on there.
    #7 is too funny. Emily’s been pulling the exact same thing for the past couple weeks. All of a sudden she says she’s afraid of the dark too (and she has some street light that come sin so it’s really not that dark). Has Nick gone through that?

  2. hope you find a place soon! we’re living in a tiny place with everything packed into corners and out of place is no fun:-/ so ready to move into a bigger house!!

  3. I have the same guilt about not “playing” a lot with L, although sometimes she demands it.🙂 When I worked p/t, I was always excited to play with her, and now that I’m always home, I think I take it for granted and do much more multi-tasking. The whole identity question is tough, too! I liked having a p/t job to feel more balanced, but it def makes things busier. And we’re in a very temporary position too…just in TX for two years, so we sold our house and moved to a smaller apt, and I’m also really antsy to be settled!

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