Budgetting – Make it yourself! & 30 weeks

In my little challenge for February so far, I’ve made a list of the things that are easy and save money to make yourself.  These are things that I buy regularly so I think that I’ve been saving a good amount of money by doing it myself.

What things do you make yourself?

Detergent – I’m looking into adding essential oils to it to get a good smell
Hummus – my current fave
Power Bars – current favorite recipe, subbing in some oats or kashi go lean for some of the rice crispies
Smoothies for the kids instead of squeeze packs unless we are heading out
Veggie Burgers – I’ve been lazy and haven’t made any in a while and love my Dr Praegers but trying to gather some good homemade recipes

These are the things that eat up my budget and I end up shopping for once a week:

Fresh organic produce  – I try to buy just what is on the list of high pesticides – peppers, strawberries, apples, grapes, blueberries, bananas (they just taste better!), kale.
Which foods do you skimp on for this?

Fresh produce

Organic milk – expensive at $5.60 a gallon
Almond Milk

Then just wastefulness-

Paper toweling – I just feel like I’m horrible at wasting papertowels!

Ways to save –
Eat more leftovers – beans, rice, basics, use what you have in the house, do breakfast for dinner once a week, go meatless as much as possible (We probably have meat once a week if Bill buys it!)

What are your cheap & easy meals?

RECIPE TO SHARE: Chocolate Coconut Cupcakes/Muffins (sans icing)- I made these and they were good!!

30 weeks

Well, 10 more weeks to go, haven’t found a house yet and I’m starting to become very stressed about it. I really want to get settled before having a newborn.  I am already starting to get crazy about cleaning up and organizing and I know that it only will get worse! It makes me want to cry thinking about the lack of organization and staying at our current location with the added craziness of a newborn! I’m trying to keep it in perspective but it’s hard.  We just haven’t found what we are looking for.

Other than that, I feel good. Heartburn is only when I eat tomatoes, dark chocolate, or your normal foods that would heartburn.  Sleeping – I can’t get comfortable often but have some nights where I sleep pretty well. Running – my goal right now is basically to finish a mile whenever I try to run! That has been this week.  TRX is going well, spin and swimming are feeling good!

I like this pic w/ Kara in the background “what the heck is mommy doing?”

so far – ahh on the running, I hope I can get in a good run this week. I did register for Broad Street – year 9 of my streak🙂 (whoa I feel old)
Due date 4/25, BSR: 5/6

Monday: spin 55 min (17 miles) + 1 mile
Tuesday: TRX + 1 mile
Wednesday: Swim 3500 + 1 mile
Thursday – to spin
Friday – swim or run
Saturday – run or lift



3 thoughts on “Budgetting – Make it yourself! & 30 weeks

  1. We make a lot of the same foods at home! For awhile I was on a homemade bread and granola spree, but we haven’t been eating as much of either lately. I’ve been wanting to try more veggie burger recipes too. I think you nailed the cheap meals– eggs, beans, rice, etc… quality product is expensive, no way around it!
    You look awesome–I love that you signed up for Broad St the week after you’re due! And sorry about the house stress, I’d be feeling the same way… hope something works out soon!

  2. Funny you wrote that about the paper towels – I was saying the same thing to James the other night. Everything you read says it’s better to use washable dish cloths and napkins etc. but I was wondering if it really is cheaper to wash dish cloths and towels all the time rather than buying paper towels and napkins. I feel like I would be doing A LOT more laundry (in addition to all the laundry I already do in a week). Perhaps that could be another challenge – no paper products for a month and see what happens?

  3. It’s great that you got registered for Broad Street. I hope the timing works out for you and the baby and you get to keep your Broad Street Streak alive!

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