Clean Eats Day 10

The clean eating has been going pretty smoothly.  My big goal going into the next half of the month is to amp up the fruits and veggies. Instead of eating peanut butter mid afternoon – get some fruit, or veggies going!

Above picture is the CSA my mom signed up for but does not use half of the stuff. Luckily she brings over to me what she might not use.  I feel like it’s mostly things you have to look up online to figure out what the heck to do with it. There have been tons of eggplant (don’t want to look at it anymore) and beets (kind of sick of them too), & green peppers. This week there was a weird blue squash called blue hubbard squash, corn on the cob, watermelon, cantaloupe. Isn’t it berry season? What other veggies would be more enticing? I’m glad I didn’t sign up for it, but it’s awesome to get a free delivery each week from the mama!

My eats have been as follows:

Breakfast – overnight oatmeal
or hemp protein powder (clean? not clean?), amazing grass (doesn’t matter), water – “fudge”

paired with Heather’s ABU sauce (almond milk +peanut butter) – thank god for that!
It has decreased my peanut butter intake.

Mid morning – try to grab something, homemade granola bar, sometimes Luna bar (not clean)

Lunch – bowl of veggies with cashew sauce (cashews, beans, nutritional yeast + oil)

Mid afternoon – peanut butter, coconut oil, amazing grass, protein powder – mixed and refrigerated into a hard chocolate

Dinner – big bowl of veggies, Dr Praegers (dirty) and quinoa

somewhere in there – spinach smoothie, homemade graham ‘cookies’ & picking at the kids’ food

 I have some dirty eating habits… but it happens!

Workouts this week – only made it out once – swim on Monday
Tuesday – run
Wednesday – run and basement bootcamp
Thursday – awesome tempo/speed work run (see below)
Friday – run and basement bootcamp
Tomorrow or Sunday – one more run coming up & an off day!

For the basement runner
20 minutes warmup
begin tempo  – half marathon pace + 30 seconds. This will be your recovery pace as well.
at 30 minutes – 2 minutes at half marathon pace
1 minute recover at half marathon pace + 30 seconds
2 minutes Half pace
1 minute Half + 30
repeat 5- 10 times
Cooldown 10 minutes.
Or just stop when your baby wakes up  and praise the Lord you got to run a full hour!

’tis all worth it: 3 1/2 months

4 thoughts on “Clean Eats Day 10

  1. Lindsay’s getting so big, she’s adorable! Great job on the basement workouts. I’m so impressed with your determination to get it in. And your eating looks great to me! I’m curious to try the pb-almond milk combo.

  2. The soothie pacifiers + angel dear blankets are very popular at our house as well, and none of your eats sound too dirty to me. You’re doing great Natalie, and you can send any extra eggplant my way. Kind of obsessed with roasted eggplant at the moment. Bet it would be great with your cashew sauce! Enjoy your weekend with all three of your beautiful babes.🙂

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