What’s a vegetarian to do?  In the beginning of the year, after talking to a few of my veg mom friends, I decided I wasn’t cooking meat in the house anymore. There have been so many incidences where I’m ordering meat at a butcher shop while I can’t even look in the case, or making a meal using gloves because I don’t want to touch it!  Besides running out of dinners, I think it’s healthy to eat meat in moderation, so that didn’t last long at all.   I started incorporating it back into my weekly menu in the new year.  What usually ends up happening is a) I overcook the meat, b) the kids won’t eat it or don’t like it or c) It’s not that good.  Ahhh- the frustration!! I’m at a loss! I feel like throwing in the towel and going back to not cooking meat in the house.  With lent in season, many of you might skip meat on Fridays. What is your favorite vegetarian dinner? How often do you go meatless?

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Here are five vegetarian meals worth checking out.
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5 vegetarian recipes

Maple Tofu

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Eggplant Burgers – Weelicious

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BBQ cheddar chickpea burgers – Weelicious

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zucchini crab cakes

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HEAB casserole

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And my simple favorite is just sauteeing beans and kale in garlic, a little olive oil and butter and pairing with brown rice.


And one fun treat 🙂

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  1. sweet n sour veggies with beans like black eyed or adzuki and rice. Veggies and lentil curry with rice, pitta or nan. veggie pizza – buy the base and put on your own toppings – Murray loves doing this with me. pasta with roasted veg. beetroot risotto. Butternut squash and pinenut risotto. veggie omlette. hope that helps. I’m so over cooking. I used to love to cook too! Oh and veggie lasagne, oh and stuffed marrow – use lentils or beans instead of mince to make a bolognaise type sauce. If they’re not keen on lentil texture, blitz them – makes a nice thisck sauce then too – same with curry.

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