And we’re back! What an awesome trip to the west coast, with family time, tons to see and beautiful running sights.  We snuck in a visit to Disneyland too 🙂
I’m not sure why everyone does not live in California. I loved the active lifestyle – we walked everywhere. Loved that you could walk to the beach, park, downtown, and loved the healthy options on menus. Also I was able to spend time with my brother almost every day- he has lived in San Diego for 4 years! Loved that!  I think California is for me!

Here are some pictures from our family vacation and running!


Family pics! one of my favorites:



family pic – this is where the wedding ceremony was held-wedding_DSC_0535-2


and now the beach


beach from the pier



morning run scene


biking in San Diego



a view of the beach from the park


morning run – train on the beach


running trail


Disney with a 2-year old. Good times!

IMG_4355 IMG_4444




airplane ride – she slept 1 hour out of both flights.  The last hour of our flight home 🙂


I wouldn’t go back to DisneyLand for another 10 years! Lines were long, and it was packed. I think DisneyWorld would be a better experience. Maybe in a few years!






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