Whew! Had a great weekend of activity here. When we were in California, I loved being on the go and being on my feet every day almost all day. I like moving and I don’t like to stand still. This week of getting back into the routine and driving everywhere was somewhat depressing.  On Friday it poured and I was dreaming of being back in good weather and walking to the beach, the park, the stores…

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Take me back!

Saturday I ran my first race and 5k of the season. It was a last minute happening. I wanted to run the race but our weekend of kids’ activities was too busy to fit it in. One thing was cancelled and it was a go!  A race for a good cause that my cousin helped organize.   I started in the front of the pack, and only one female was in front of me throughout the first 2.5 miles. I passed her, but then with about 0.4 to go, a mom and her 13-year old passed me! I couldn’t keep up. I could have been the first female and won! but…I had NOTHING in the tank!  But I came in as the 3rd female, with an 8 second PR 🙂

Splits were: 6:52, 7:04, 7:04, and my time was 22:40.  Me and my cuz post-race.

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I had initially signed up for a 5k on Sunday that my friend was running as her first 5k, so today I went to run that one. There was a 10-miler and as an after thought 5k.  I ended up starting in the front of the pack and we caught up to the 10-mile racers (started 5 minutes ahead).  We missed the turn off for the 5k because no one was directing us. After 2 miles, realizing something went wrong, it was supposed to be an out and back, I turned around and ran back to the finish area, a little bummed, but oh well… and then back to find my friend and run her in! Good job Lauren! First 5k and broke 30 minutes!! Awesome!

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An active weekend – keeps me happy!  I need to keep busy!

Now onto the kids – check out the Clif KID backyard game of the year contest!

From May 13 to July 3, kids ages 6 to 12 are encouraged to create and submit original backyard games  at www.clifkidbackyardgame.com using common household items such as balls, hula hoops, beanbags and IMAGINATION!!

You can find inspiration here.  Three finalists will be selected and the public will vote for the overall winner during the week of July 21 on facebook!  What do your kids like to play outside?  We like to play hide and seek, have running races and go for walks, in addition to any and all sports that my 5-year old wants to play! And we started a veggie garden this year, which is fun!

Check out the winnings –  a $10,000 educational scholarship, plus a fun block party for family and friends. Second and third place , will receive a $1,000 scholarship. Each finalist will also receive a bike and helmet.   Keep reading on the Clif website for select entries to be posted for some backyard fun!  Additionally, you can view the winning games from the last few years, and search for games to play outside with the kiddos!

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