Flooding the market and running expos everywhere, compression socks came out a few years ago and were a great success. Compression apparel supports the muscles, reduces the vibrations of soft tissues, and limits oscillation to make running more efficient.  Additionally, compression gear promotes blood flow and reduces fluid retention.  Calf muscles are not usually the main problem for runners – it comes down to knees and tight hamstrings, right?

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Enter compression shorts.  Opedix CORE-Tec shorts, made from a mix of 90% nylon and 10% spandex, aim to reduce knee pain and low back pain and reduce the rate of muscle fatigue.  Additionally they are designed and tested to improve core stability and dynamic balance.

As a runner that has S.I. (Sacroiliac) joint instability, I found these shorts appealing. Based on my measurements, I tried a size small, in black/fuschia.  I wore them for my shorter and medium length 3-6 mile runs, and found them to be very comfortable. Similar to triathlon shorts, they have a band at the bottom to hold the shorts in place. The band in these shorts uses Torque Reform Technology and has been proven to improve core stability by 21%.  They will not ride up while running.  The top band is 2 inches wide and includes a shoelace-like drawstring to make them tighter around your waist. I ended up not using the tie and found the shorts to be comfortable.  The shorts are breathable and moisture wicking.  I feel that the shorts may play a role in keeping my joints more stable which allows me to run longer and more comfortably.  I love the fit and look, and think they make a great running short with benefits for your body.

The shorts go for $165. I’m not sure that I would purchase them at this price for myself at this point in my life right now, but it is reassuring to know that there is a 30-day guarantee on all Opedix products and Opedix stands behind its products 100%.

How much would you spend on a compression short?


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