Have you heard of stitch fix?  Stitch fix is a personal styling service for clothing and accessories. After filling out a questionnaire on the site, 5 items of clothing or accessories are mailed to you based on your questionnaire.  You pay $20 for the styling fee each time, and then the $20 is a credit towards your purchase of that “fix.”  When the box arrives, you have 3 days to decide and then mail back the items that you don’t want back in a postage paid envelope.   A handful of my friends tried it out so I decided it might be a fun thing to try and see what kind of things they sent me.  Then my plan was to go find similar things on sale.  I didn’t think the questionnaire actually was able to determine my style.   I didn’t find the questions had a straight answer for me. My style?? Running shorts and a tank top?  🙂

Here were my four items. The fifth item was a pair of skinny jeans but I love my recently purchased Athleta Bettona Jeggings so I did not try on the skinny jeans. Pardon the ridiculous pictures.

Sweet Rain Ryan Embroidery Detail Tie-Front Tank

I thought this was cute without the tassles.   $48



Olive & Oak Tricia Textured Dot Front- Pocket Blouse

Felt like I was going to go to work in this one.  Didn’t do anything for me.  $48


41Hawthorn Ernesto Striped Fitted Dress

I liked this dress and with a pair of spanks I could have pulled it off but I felt like I would have had to suck in all the time and it was skin tight to get on and off.  I need more comfort 🙂  $78



Market & Spruce Aleah V-Neck Heathered Dolman Sleeve Shirt


Didn’t like the color but liked the style. It said it was pink, seems more brown to me. I ended up only keeping this one because I thought it was versatile and it’s different from anything else I own. $48



The skinny jeans were $88.  Overall I thought everything was out of my price range. Not so much overpriced, but more than I would want to spend on clothes for myself! Loved the idea of it, but also would love to get more items at a time, maybe?  It was convenient to just show up at my door, but I think I could get better deals going to the stores myself and trying things on!

Want to give it a try? Stitch fix ( this is my referral link).
For every person you refer, you receive a $25 credit.




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