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Something for everyone today over at Lil Runner 🙂  I was sent some samples from CLIF to share with you. All opinions are my own.


First up, Clif SHOT. Have you tried CLIF SHOT Electrolyte Hydration and Protein Recovery Drink Mixes?

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The CLIF SHOT Electrolyte Hydration Drink Mix is for during activity and made with 90% organic ingredients. Containing sodium and other electrolytes, it contains good carbs to aid in replenishing and keeping you going while running.  The flavors are fruity with orange mango,lemon lime-ade and cranberry razz.  These contain 20g carbs and 80 calories.

The CLIF SHOT Protein Recovery Drink Mix is meant to be taken immediately after activity to help your body to recover quicker.  This contains 70% organic ingredients that were selected carefully to aid in recovery.  I tried the chocolate. These come in Orange Mango and Chocolate. I would love to see Vanilla, but I thought the Chocolate had good taste. I would want to see a vegan plant based protein since that is the direction that I’m going in, instead of whey protein and milk protein concentrate in this mix. It contains 160 calories and 10g protein.


Want to win one? Like “CLIF Bar” on Facebook and leave a comment with the flavor that most appeals to you in the comments for a chance to win a drink package!

Next up, for the kiddos!  Ready for some lunch box action?

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School is quickly approaching. And while I love to make things like granola bars to put in the lunches, if I’m in a pinch, I usually have Clif Z-bars on hand to grab for a quick healthy lunch option. Paired with fruit and some nuts, and maybe a cheese stick, and you’ve got lunch!

Introducing the new CLIF kid Zbar PROTEIN!  The lunch box hero!! Made with organic whole grains just like the Z bars, they contain 5g of protein, which helps keeps us full. The Zbars are also a good source of fiber, iron, zinc and vitamin D.  I tried each flavor, and my favorite was the peanut butter chocolate. Yum! Each bar is dipped in chocolate. I love the chocolate coating as a chocoholic,  but for traveling in warmer temperatures, it melts and becomes super messy. Keep them cold if you’re going to be in warmer weather.  The bars tasted like chocolate coated granola bars. Yum! A big hit with my crew! Stay tuned for a back to school giveaway on Lil Runner including some Zbar Protein bars!  Do feel free to leave a comment with the most enticing flavor 🙂

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And last, for my local friends, check out THE JUICE for some fresh smoothies. Ready for a back to school detox?  Check out some witty drink names and delicious healthy drinks! Stay tuned for an interview with the boss!  In the meantime, follow The Juice Philly on Instagram and Facebook!  Pictures courtesy of The Juice Philly.

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And last but not least, check out www.meetthemoment.com  to share your Moment from June through December.  Post a moment that you’d like to share on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #MeetTheMoment and CLIF is donating $1 to an environmental non-profit for each Moment posted . Use @Clifbar (Twitter) or @Clifbarcompany (Instagram).

Here’s our moment today – picking Zinnias at a local farm

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#meetthemoment @clifbarcompany


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