On Sunday, I had an entry to the Philadelphia Half Marathon (rock n’ roll) – I got this entry through my writing because I wanted to see Kara Goucher, who was running along with Deena Kastor! I didn’t know if I was going to run at all, or if I was up for running the whole thing. I planned to do 7 miles of it. I did 10 miles on the treadmill 3 weeks ago as my training 🙂
It was a hot and humid morning in Philly on Sunday! I started out in the front corrals and busted out some fast miles that I knew would burn me later. When I realized how far out mile 7 was on Kelly Drive I decided to just keep going. You can tell that I was really debating what to do – I started walking for a little at mile 8/9 trying to figure out if I should really finish the race 🙂

Screenshot 2014-09-23 20.53.41Screenshot 2014-09-23 20.53.49

Screenshot 2014-09-21 14.24.13

Screenshot 2014-09-21 16.33.46

Kara sighting – far left at the start 🙂  Deena has the hat on on the middle/right side.Screenshot 2014-09-21 17.51.42

These are the best pictures I’ve ever had. I guess I was a pretty happy runner!

Oh and miles 9 to the finish my buddy was a guy with a boom box playing his music and singing to michael jackson and other great selections. Fun morning! Great company!

Screenshot 2014-09-23 20.47.39 Screenshot 2014-09-23 20.46.27 Screenshot 2014-09-23 20.46.11 Screenshot 2014-09-23 20.45.54 Screenshot 2014-09-23 20.45.31 Screenshot 2014-09-23 20.45.15 Screenshot 2014-09-23 20.44.19 Screenshot 2014-09-23 20.44.03 Screenshot 2014-09-23 20.43.39

I’m cracking up at the first few.


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