New US research proves fit bodies lead to fit minds in children. Keep kids active and get them moving.
Today is National Child Health Day and October is also National Child Health Month!

Kansas City Royal’s Nutritionist, MITZI DULAN, developed an exciting family physical activity program called 60 Minutes of Motion that’s available nationwide as a free download starting today! (click!)  60 Minutes of Motion is a deck of 25 cards that kids can mix and match to get active! Families and kids can follow the directions to stay active for 60 minutes or choose a few based on how much time they have available. The goal is for kids to be active for 60 minutes each day.

In the 2013 National Child Health Day proclamation, President Obama said,

Whether by providing a balanced meal, encouraging physical activity, or empowering our children to make healthy decisions, each of us can teach our kids about nutrition, exercise, and healthy lifestyles.”

In honor of National Child Health Day, I was sent a fun CLIF KID package encouraging active kids with 60 Minutes of Motion, 2 dies, a Camelbak waterbottle and clif z protein bars.


The deck of cards contains:

  • 10 Motion Cards: one minute bursts of motion with a movement such as star jumps, crab walks & toe touches
  • 5 Activity Cards: 10 minutes long activities to do solo or with a partner/family/friends
  • 5 Adventure Cards:
  • 2 Game Cards:
  • 1 Snack and 1 Hydration Card: tips on how to nourish yourself before, during and after outdoor play.

What did the kids think? We played outside and did the deck for a few rounds.

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Their favorite ones were star jumps, frog jumps, crab walk and mountain climbers.  Let me first say that it’s up to me at these ages (5,4,2) to get my kids outside and moving to encourage fitness, make healthy food choices based on what I stock in the house, and to lead a healthy lifestyle as a role model. This is a big role for parents, especially if you are the one at home with your kiddos!

My kids loved doing these activities and thought they were fun! We make it a point to be outside everyday.  Of course there are exceptions, but I grew up being active and honestly can’t sit still for very long. I find that active time to be so important! The kids enjoy running, riding bikes, taking walks, making up games in the driveway and yard and playing sports.  I love that CLIF encourages a healthy lifestyle and the 60 Minutes of Motion is a great resource for parents!


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