Last year when we started 2014, my phrase was “BE PRESENT” and I really worked on doing that daily. Sometimes I get so focused on something that my kids are talking to me and I’m not even listening. Sometimes I just need to unplug and focus. One thing that I worked on was giving them each 20 minutes one on one – whenever I remembered.  I have good intentions, and being present is something I will continue into 2015.

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This year I’m choosing the word CHERISH. Cherish these moments. I see how quickly my kids are growing up and I can’t really say I have “little ones” anymore which makes me sad. I want to value this time – I feel like I am going to blink and they are going to be teenagers and be rebelling against me.  Things I cherish right now are my littlest one playing dolls by herself and talking to them. My 4-year old noticing all of the little things and appreciating them, and my 5-year old reading to me at night.  I cherish these moments but sometimes I have to take a deep breath and remind myself to do that!   It all goes by too quickly!



  1. gorgeous pictures and great focus words! question: when you photograph your kids, how do you manage to capture them so beautifully??? if i even think about pulling out a camera while my kids are doing something i’d like to photograph, the moment passes and it’s too late. just wondering how you do it..

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