Wow- January – it’s been cold here!  But I’m thankful we haven’t had tons of snow yet – last year we had a bunch already!
Last weekend a good cook friend had us over for dinner and pulled out her vegan cookbooks to make special recipes for me! Such a good friend and so impressed. She knew not to make pasta (what everyone thinks vegetarians eat) and put together some bean burgers with kale, vegetarian chili and a kale salad. It was all awesome! I should have taken a picture. If you’re a vegetarian and gone somewhere (such as a wedding) – the vegetarian option is almost always PENNE – that they throw some overcooked vegetables on with tomato sauce. So gross!  I love it when people actually look the variety of delicious foods that vegetarians can eat!

This past week, I switched up a few things after looking at an Italian vegetarian cookbook at a friend’s house – yum!

CHLOE’S Vegan Italian Kitchen Cookbook!

She has a website with some recipes and her cookbook is on amazon! Fun! If you’re hosting a vegan or vegetarian get some inspiration at her website!


Last week’s favorite: Oh She Glows Caesar Salad. Yum!!IMG_3405

We switched out one night for pork and vegetables – after that I decided no meat this week, because I never know
when it’s done and can’t taste it.  But the veggies were good!


Recipe from Chloe’s cookbook – Italian pesto burgers!! The pesto was avocado and basil. Yum!

Screenshot 2015-01-11 09.37.29 Screenshot 2015-01-11 09.37.36 Screenshot 2015-01-11 09.37.41 Screenshot 2015-01-11 09.37.48

With some sweet potato fries – best I’ve made! – awesome meal!

I’m more motivated to get out my cookbooks to try recipes I haven’t done in a while instead of what I’ve pinned on pinterest or made before.

This week’s menu~  1/11

Sunday – Navy Bean and Pasta Gratin with Basil & Ricotta! with grilled polenta & sauce
Monday – ziti with sharp cheddar & Broccoli (From a cookbook), mushrooms & beans (Wegman’s recipe)
Tuesday –  meatball sliders (picture credit: Chloe’s kitchen) with tomato soup (Chloe)!

Screenshot 2015-01-11 09.44.28

Wednesday – breakfast for dinner (tutoring!)
Thursday – Leftovers from MTW~
Friday – Tacos with rice
Saturday –  WING IT!!
Sunday – and we’re out of town celebrating our 10th anniversary for a few days. Baby moon too!
The grandparents are in charge of dinners next week!

What’s cooking this week?



  1. I’m so with you on the wedding food! At the last wedding we attended a few months ago, it seemed like I was the only one who’d chosen the vegetarian option and it was really dry pasta and overcooked vegetables! I have to admit though that the vegetarian option at my wedding wasn’t great and that is what I ate!

    Those burgers look amazing!

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