Feeling good this week but with some side stitches when I feel like the baby is in a weird position and I can barely walk at a brisk pace – can’t run at all when that happens (which was Thursday!) I wanted to get back in the pool but it wasn’t pretty!

21 weeks – workouts

Monday – recovery day – walk 30 minutes, swim 30 minutes
Tuesday –  Unite Fitness Workout
Screenshot 2015-01-28 13.16.15

Wednesday –  from BlondePonytail
5 minute warmup (run)
10 minutes of 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off (ON was 7.0 for me right now 🙂 )
15 minutes of steady state (around 6.3)

1 round of: 
10 pullups
10 KB squats
10 KB push jerks (or my variation of what I thought this was)
10 pull ups
10 KB Squats
10 KB push jerks

5 rounds of:
10 push press #45
10 air squats

3 rounds of:
10 KBS 30#
10 goblet squats 30#
20 sit ups

warmup 1 mile
50 thrusters 17.5 lb weights
40 OH walking lunges 35# plate
30 ankle taps
20 ground to overhead 35# plate
10 burpees
20 ground to overhead 35#
30 ankle taps
40 overhead walking lunges 35#
50 thrusters 17.5#

3 rounds:
10 pushups
10 wall ball 10#

1/2 mile cooldown
and later I walked outside for 1.5 miles while the kids were in school 🙂


Quick 20 minute circuit and 45 minutes of walking!

5 mile run (treadmill) with walk breaks!

Sunday – OFF

I’m attempting to start a 30 day cleanse today through Juice Plus omitting dairy and gluten. But I don’t believe in having a shake for breakfast for 30 days – sorry! I’ll try to have one smoothie a day if or replace with healthy meals instead. I’ll use Vega and then clean plant based eats the rest of the day.
I’ll keep you updated on that!
Screenshot 2015-01-31 21.19.41

Meal planning week of 2/1 Welcome FEBRUARY! and 22 weeks…
Sunday- superbowl party!
Monday – Quinoa Black bean patties (OSG)
Tuesday –  Fish tacos (Blue Apron) (I’ll be having black bean tacos)
Wednesday – Sesame Chicken (crockpot – Door to Door Organics) – scrambled tofu for me
Thursday – Curried Lentils with Rice – A juice plus T30 recipe
Friday – birthday dinner for my oldest little one! He will be 6 on Friday!
Yes 6! Can you believe this!! I feel like he was just born. My goodness!
Well, he requested pizza 🙂
Saturday – company – another birthday celebration – sandwiches

I’m really trying to keep spending down for groceries, and last week I bought fish(frozen), chicken and turkey meat for this week, but it should last us into the next week. The main thing I end up buying is produce!

What’s on your menu this week?


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