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Vega One has a new powder that came out recently, with some new flavors as well! I was able to try the Mocha, which is now my favorite flavor! and Coconut Almond which was also delicious!

The new Vega one powder contains:

20 grams premium plant-based protein (Pea, hemp, SaviSeed and flax proteins)
6 servings of greens
50% daily intake of food-based vitamins and minerals
25% DV fiber
1.5 grams of Omega-3s
Antioxidants (Pomegranate, açai, goji and macqui berries provide antioxidants to fight free radical damage.)
Probiotics (1 billion CFU)
160 calories

The mocha was hands down the best flavor for my morning drink. I kept trying to replicate it by using coffee and chocolate powder. It wasn’t the same but not a bad match. I think the mocha is only available at Whole Foods, as well as the new coconut almond flavor. The coconut almond tastes like toasted coconut with almonds. It was great as a smoothie or as cookie dough 🙂

Here are some of my conconctions with Vega One! I like to make “ice cream” and cookie dough!
This has been my breakfast for the past 9 days or so. Love it and keeps me full until lunch!!

Why is it green? (Vega’s greens are kale, broccoli, chlorella and spirulina!)
The drink aka ice cream in a bowl~

1 scoop Coconut Almond Vega One powder
1 cup ice cubes (less if you want more of a drink, more for “ice cream”)
1 handful spinach
1/2 c frozen organic blueberries

The toppings aka cookie dough
~ 1 c almond butter or favorite nut butter
~ 1-2 T honey
~ 1-2 scoops Chocolate or French Vanilla Vega One powder
Sometimes I add ground oats, almond flour or chia seeds to my little dough balls that are delicious in a smoothie.It make a bunch and I roll into balls or chunks and save for some for the next few days. You could also add mini choc chips!
It tastes like ice cream for breakfast with cookie dough chunks. Yum!!

These are my favorite ways to use vega – “ice cream” and “cookie dough!”

What’s your favorite way to use Vega!?


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