In the past few weeks I’ve turned into a crazy house cleaner. Anyone need a cleaning service? Base boards, floors, dusting, you name it – I love the smell of all the cleaners and want to use them!  Other than that, I would love a hard workout and good sweat. Walking and running are giving me shin splints which is new for me, and running happens about once a week successfully. I’m lifting heavy (for me) weights and using the elliptical to keep up my fitness. I think the next 10 weeks are going to go by really slowly! Someone at the gym this week applauded me for being there and then said “any day now.” Oh man. Lady. I still have 11 weeks!  I felt weird taking this pic at the gym hence the serious face!

Screenshot 2015-03-22 11.51.17

This week’s new food items that we tried were Running on Veggies’ Banana Bread and Detoxinista’s Andes Mint Bars which remind me of Creme De Menthe Bars in Childhood but are so much better for you!

Screenshot 2015-03-22 11.51.01

Screenshot 2015-03-22 11.51.50

We also cooked popcorn in red palm oil which was so yummy!

Screenshot 2015-03-22 11.51.34

We found a bread slicer for homemade sandwich bread which has been helpful! And I have a handful of recipes that I want to try this week. I’m not sure why my instagram feed is mostly raw desserts but that’s what I’m into right now! Especially some smoothie bowls.

Want to make:

Raw Tacos!


For meal planning, I’m so happy that spring is here, but the spring weather would be nice too! The snow was all gone and now the ground is covered again!  I’m into quick, fresh foods for our meals!

Sunday – leftovers from weekend at inlaws
Monday – Tempeh Bacon, Avocado, Tomato, Lettuce on Ezekial Bread with sweet potato wedges
Tuesday – fish tacos with a grain on the side, maybe risotto?
Wednesday – soba noodles and peanut sauce with carrots and veggies – need to look up a recipe for this!
Thursday –  taco salad and chips! from Damn Delicious – yum!

Screenshot 2015-03-22 12.02.15
Friday – I need a new friday night dinner. We tend to have pizza, but I’m moving away from that. Something easy and quick!
Sat – out


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