34 weeks! 

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In the home stretch! The weeks are ticking off really quickly.  I’m getting less motivated to cook with the warmer weather and just wanting to be outside during the dinner cooking hour.  Just 6 weeks to go, here is what’s going on in my world ~ I can’t really complain. I’m sleeping relatively well, turning a few times most nights, but I’m not super uncomfortable. My heartburn subsided and I’m breathing better which I think means the baby dropped a bit. He/she is definitely lower down! I have to eat less at one time or I get full really quickly!
This week I was craving massaged kale salad – I made it one day and enjoyed it for lunch 2 days in a row, yum! I want more!  I see that on my lunch menu for the week. With pink himayalan salt and red onions, it’s delicious, like kale with guacamole!
I use a pretty loose recipe and take one bunch of kale, squeeze 1/2 to 1 lemon on it, drizzle with olive oil and himalayan sea salt then massage with my hands till all the kale is wet and bright green. Then mash up 1-2 avocados, add salt and pepper and massage in or mix around with a fork or spoon into the kale. Add green onions and chick peas if desired!

looks like this: (photo credit flowtoxcleanse.com)

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I also have a 3-year old now as of last weekend! Can’t believe she’s 3!
She loves puzzles 🙂  and peanut butter balls (peanut butter, vega, agave & mini choc chips)

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My main workouts are lifting with some cardio.  I try to walk and be active later in the day with the kids.
We are switching gyms at the end of this week, I’m a little nervous for a new crowd and getting used to everything
but looking forward to some TRX workouts!

Here’s a favorite workout from this week:

20-25 min on the elliptical or running
3 rounds
set 1:
10 pull ups (assisted)
15 overhead pullovers (bench, dumbell or kettlebell) #25
20 dips

set 2: 
deadlift to row 25#
one arm push press 20# kettlebell
one arm snatch (then repeat otherside) 20# kettlebell


I’m still in clean out the freezer mode and use what I have. I went over the budget by a good $200 this month – eeek!
So I’m trying to get back on track with minimal spending!

Meal planning week:

Sunday – black bean noodle curry – I made this a couple weeks ago and froze it!
Monday – quinoa burgers – An OSG recipe that I want to try!
Tuesday – quiche from last week – farmer’s market.
When I was pregnant with #3, we lived right down the street from the farmer’s market and my daughter
LOVED these quiches so we would get them often. In the weeks before #3 was born, I was noting the ribbon colors that they put on randomly. I had a pink one and then I had a girl. Well our quiche was tied with a pink ribbon last week…
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Wednesday – risotto with asparagus – frozen!
Thursday – breakfast for dinner
Friday – english muffin pizza, quesadillas, something quick/easy!
Saturday- out to dinner for date night 🙂 Actually an anniversary of 15 years of dating. Kind of crazy!

recipe to share – made for Sunday breakfast:
I wanted something cake-like and fun for Sunday breakfast! I made these streusel muffins replacing egg nog with almond milk and skipping the frosting and used a donut pan. Delicious!
What’s on your menu?

I was sent a package of Vega Sport in Mocha to try out so stay tuned for a review and recipe coming up soon!
The Mocha is my absolute favorite flavor of Vega!  So yummy!

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